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Edward Scissorhands
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Theme music composed by Danny Elfman
Episodes 1-2 music by Danny Elfman
Episodes 3-6 music by Jason Wells
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Six ca.eight-minute animated Shockwave-based shorts, created, written and directed by Tim Burton, in a cumulative online release by AtomFilms starting from October 2000
Favourite line:
"Is that your stain or are you happy to see me?"

Track Samples

See right pane.

Did you know...

  • Stainboy, formerly Stain Boy, originated as a character in Tim Burton's 1997 publication The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, subverting the superhero cultural aesthetic and moral currents into a sweetly pathetic muse and now to a gamely commentary on social values and expectation
  • Stainboy was originally intended to comprise 26 episodes but only 6 were made. Burton was to move on to directing Planet of the Apes. (Alison McMahan, The Films of Tim Burton: Animating Live Action in Hollywood (2005))
  • Members of the "cast" are, typically, Burton regulars: Glenn Shadix (various voices including Sgt. Glen Dale) played Otho in Beetlejuice, the Mayor in Nightmare Before Christmas, and later, Senator Nado in Planet of the Apes,
    Lisa Marie (Match Girl, Stainboy's mother, and Cracker Girl) was Burton's girlfriend at the time, and also had parts in most of his movies from this period: Mars Attacks! (the alien everyone remembers), Vampira in Ed Wood, and Nova in Pota) (IMDb)

Of all the super heroes,
The stranger one by far,
Doesn't have a special power,
Or drive a fancy car.
Next to Superman and Batman,
I guess he must seem tame.
But to me he is quite special,
And Stain Boy is his name.
He can't fly around tall buildings,
Or outrun a speeding train,
The only talent he seems to have
Is to leave a nasty stain.
Sometimes I know it bothers him,
That he can't run or swim or fly,
And because of this one ability,
His dry cleaning bill's sky-high.

Track Listing

No disc exists. Below is a list of cues:
0. Fanfare (unverified authorship)
Episode One: Stainboy Versus Stare Girl
1. Stainboy arrives / The first stare
2. Staring day and night
3. Stainboy defeats Stare Girl
Episode Two: Stainboy Versus Toxic Boy
1. Stainboy arrives
2. Stainboy meets Toxic Boy
3. Stainboy defeats Toxic Boy
4. The dog who ate Toxic Boy
0. End Credits (used for all episodes)


Web trawl...

  • www.atomfilms.com is the official home of Stainboy, but the pages for this character have been submerged and many appear missing from the site (click here for the page, which also includes a survey of the artwork and merchandise associated with the clips and book). However, the Tim Burton Collective is home to the complete .SWF downloads here. Browsers with Flash pluggins installed can cope with the files (if you download, you may need to drag one into the browser window), or you can use a software player compatible with the format. Recommended are Shockwave Player or perhaps IrfanView - both currently free.
  • Animation by Flinch Studio