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Review by Bluntinstrument

It is difficult to judge the value of short stories such as Stainboy. Elfman scored roughly three-and-a-half minutes of music in total, all apparently using synthesizers and samples, with the theramin sound (already a familiar component of the equally cheesy-and-somehow-creepy Mars Attacks!) most distinctive. Cost was obviously one factor in this arrangement, although the compression of the Shockwave medium was no doubt an important factor. Nevertheless Elfman's score is not memorable - even the fearsome end credits are on an 8 second loop. Despite the novelty of the format, fun creations and some biting social commentary to recommend them, I cannot do so on the basis of the music alone. Jason Wells' score for the later episodes is, again, pithy, atmospheric and forgettable. A shame, but probably no less than was technically possible on this project.
Rating of the movies only: *

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