A look at Danny Elfman's contribution
to Edward Scissorhands

Commentary by The Texas Ranger
Other text by Groovy Yak
Welcome to Completing Edward. In case you don't get the pun, in the movie of Edward Scissorhands, Edward is not completed. His inventor died as he was about to give him his new hands. Danny Elfman's score is such a vital part to the movie that without it, Tim Burton's masterpiece would not be complete—much like Edward without his hands.
The Texas Ranger has written a very thorough, detailed, and entertaining commentary on the music of Edward Scissorhands, with a track-by-track analysis of the soundtrack, and there's even lots of info on the cues that didn't make it to the album. To better illustrate some of the Ranger's points, I've made MIDI's of the main themes. You'll only hear the actual theme and no harmony. (They took me less than 10 minutes to make!)
We both hope you enjoy this commentary and if you find something wrong, please let us know.
—Groovy Yak



Table of Contents

Introduction (start here)
Part One - Edward Meets the World
Part Two - Poor Edward
Part Three - Tracks not found on the CD
Conclusion - The Fantasy World of Danny Elfman



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I am in no way, shape, or form a professional musician or critic. In fact, my musical knowledge could fill a can of diddley squat with just enough room left over for a whole box of zilch. Unlike the authors of this site, I am not seeking any degree in music. Thus, any mistakes in this haphazard, overly in-depth dissection can be expected.
—The Texas Ranger
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