Part Three - Tracks Not Included on the CD

The following is a collection of short tracks not included on the CD release, but heard in the film. Most of them are short stingers and tone setters, and subsequently, would not have added much to the listening experience. There are a couple, however, that I feel should have been included on the CD. Thus, I have compiled this list to demonstrate that, even with a release that contains 90 percent of the score, there are still a great number of tracks that are left out. Until film score releases include ALL of the music from the original soundtrack, I will remain ever vigilant. Hopefully composers will endeavor themselves to release the full score.
Gossip - This is a 20 second long piece that uses the harmonica from Esmerelda's theme along with some string plucking to accompany the Suburban women gathering to gossip. The harmonica sounds suspiciously like Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera Theme. Go figure.
Show and Tell - This quick snippet accompanies Edward being brought to Kevin's Show and Tell day at school. The violins cut with Edward in a piece that is basically a shortened version of Edwardo the Barber. The tune ends with a "Ta-da" as Edward displays his creation.
The Supermarket/Edward sees Kim - Basically a quick rendition of the Dog motif from Edwardo the Barber. This is followed by Ice Dance with bells, vibes, and strings only as Edward gazes at Kim across the parking lot. It's a short, beautiful little piece that should have been included on the CD.
Do you have a girlfriend? - A short, musical build up is provided by a violin, some Celeste, and a flute. The music is used to add suspense, as Edward slowly contemplates an answer to the television host's question. The music, once again, figuratively holds its breath..
With these Hands stinger - This short, grim brass stinger follows the seduction scene in which "she showed (him) the back room and took all of her clothes off." The tone is appropriately dark, as jealousy and lust conspire against Edward.
No comment! - Following Edward's release from prison, there is more "gossip music" with a short interlude from Esmerelda's theme. The tone then switches to appropriately dark, if not inquisitive, as reporters question Edward about his prison time.
Are you Okay? / Edward's Madness - This short piece starts off soft and sweet, as Kim realizes Edward committed a felony merely because she asked him to. Soon, though, the piece becomes filled with rage and hate in the same style as Darkman. This also should have been included on the CD release.
Edward's Midas Touch - Timpani and choppy strings score Kim's jealous boyfriend, who shoves Edward out of the yard after the scissorhands accidentally cut Kim. Celeste and vibes accompany Edward's departure, brooding with Edward in a fashion reminiscent of Darkman.
Demon Bush - This brass sting accompanied Edward's rearrangement of Esmerelda's plant. It ends with a touch of harmonica.
A Mistake/The Police - Mourning strings score Peg's revelation that her bringing Edward down was a mistake. The section is grim and foreboding, adding to the growing sense of panic that grips the town. Meanwhile, an oboe marks Edward's sadness as he cuts a dog's hair (the dog, which can then see Edward, runs away - another clever Burtonism). Suddenly, quirky strings and brass are used for the police in a Herrmannesque manner. This is another track that should have been included on the CD.
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