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Note that this article is only a copy of a section of p.90-94 of Foulds, Music-today (1934)

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revised the following year for reprinting, and finally expanded in 1989. I have the 1989 version on order and am told that the works listings were revised, but more detailed information about condition and origin is sacrificed in favour of biographical and musical study. MacDonald, Malcolm John Foulds and his music Kahn & Averill, 1994 is a reference to the paperback version. Scroll down this page for MacDonald's 'bibliographical note' from p.104 of the 1975 edition

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Sources: The Music Index; RILM; Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online; Contact details for purhcase of British Music at Tore's Classical Website

Reproduction of MacDonald (1975), p.104


Apart from Foulds's own Music To-Day, the only article of any length on Foulds and his music is to be found on pp.215-221 of that seldom trustworthy but exasperatingly invaluable work of compilation and cantankerousness, Joseph Holbrooke's Contemporary British Composers (Cecil Palmer, 1925).

Foulds himself published two brochures, mainly reprinting press criticism: 'Some Press Opinions on Works by J. H. Foulds' (8pp, n.d. [probably 1915 or 16]) and one on his stage music (8pp, with frontispiece, n.d. [probably mid-1920's]). A copy of each is in B.M. Add. 56482.

The novelist Algernon Blackwood, best known for his stories of mystery and supernatural, wrote about the circumstances of composition of A World Requiem in his The Bright Messenger. Paxton's published a 'Critical Analysis' of the Requiem by W. H. Kerridge in 1923. Many years later, Maud MacCarthy published a pamphlet of extracts from letters received after the first performances, with a linking commentary by herself: 'A World Requiem by John Foulds (The First Festivals of Remembrance, London, 1923-4-5-6)' (8pp, n.d. [apparently c.1956] - copy in B.M. Add. 56482). The only recent account of the World Requiem is the few paragraphs devoted to it by Alec Robertson in his book Requiem (Cassell, 1967).

The Boy and the Brothers, written by Maud MacCarthy as Swami Omananda Puri (Gollancz, 1959), contains some biographical information on Foulds. She was a copious writer: chief among her other publications, though they have no direct connection with Foulds, are Poems by Tandra Devi (Srinagar, 1939, with woodcut illustrations by her son John Patrick Foulds) and Towards the Mysteries (London: Neville Spearman, 1968).

Apart from the above, and the odd mention of Foulds in other people's biographies - for instance in John Casson's memoir of his parents, Lewis and Sybil (Collins, 1972) - there are no other sources apart from Encyclopedia entries. The best of these is the entry in Eaglefield Hull's A Dictionary of Modern Music and Musicians (Dent, 1924).

From Foulds, John: Music-today (1975 edition) p.60

In A dictionary of modern music and musicians (1924), and in the Encyclopædia Britannica (1929), as well as in various fugitive articles, I am accused of using 'third-tones': ('tertia-tones'). These are errors. The use of quarter-tones as above described is my only 'offence' in this branch of music.

References unverified as yet

Confirmation that Foulds is not mentioned in...

Hughes, Meirion, The English renaissance and the press 1850-1914: Watchmen of music, Ashgate Publishers Ltd., Aldershot, England, 2002. NB. Contents: Part 1: Writers from papers - the Times, Daily Telegraph, the Athenaeum , the Musical Times
Part 2: The watched: Sullivan, Parry Elgar. Presumably too early a span to catch the rise of Foulds' reputation

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