Reviews - Rabbit & Rogue

Blofeld picReview by 9FingeredElf

I am now ballet cultured. The evening started off with the American Ballet Theatre doing Etudes. Etudes was finger exercises for piano by Carl Czerny and the ballet was made up of all the ballet exercises. They worked very well and was great introduction to the ballet novice. A side note if you every put on a ballet put in lots of spin moves. The audience seems to love those, but that's not why you called. The Rabbit and the Rogue. It was more modern dance than ballet. The Ballet had 5 acts: Frolic, Rag, Lyric, Gamelan, and Finale. For each act Danny wrote a theme. Then he would take variations on that theme throughout each act. The themes were magnificent. Each act seemed like a mini movie score. Opening credits, conflict, confrontation, final battle, resolution. At time the score was very schizophrenic. It went all over the place. It was definitely Danny style I hope someday, somewhere this is released. The music was wonderful. I was humming the last theme on the way home. The dancing the had a group dressed in black (The Rogues) and white (The Rabbits). They seemed to be in battle with other over a girl and in the end I'm not sure what happened but I think they both got the girl. I was there for the music and it did not disappoint.

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