Reviews - Pure Luck

Review by Pedestrian Wolf

The theme for Pure Luck is a goofy little ditty that Elfman did in the early nineties. It's goofy, silly, and easily forgettable, but fun and hard to dislike. I have never actually seen the movie itself, and from what little I've heard about it, I never should, but Elfman's theme must give it one small positive aspect. He has a ball with accordians, synthezers and all the rest of that wonderful stuff he used to go wild with back when he was a budding comedy composer in the eighties. More than anything else, Pure Luck seems like the final outburst of Elfman's goofy comic side, before he crawled into his cave of dark dramatic "serious" film music, never to emerge again until 1997 for Flubber. Harldy significant otherwise, but dumb fun none the less.
CD Rating (theme) : * * *

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