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Film/tv-ography. Active links lead to pages devoted to the film, programme or series. This is potentially the largest section of the site, but content will have to come in a steady trickle rather than all at once. Thanks for your patience, and do send your comments - either about the content or about the music.
Below are links to sites with some information with a bearing on Christophe Beck and his music. Sometimes the link is tenuous, and I try to explain it before surfers are confused.

Ape Quartet (

Actually not new, this flashy website (so cool, practically all the pictures are out of focus!) is home to Beck's non-film/tv music, in collaboration with Mark Kilian, including streaming clips from their album. Drop by if your browser can cope with the snazzy design.

Beck at TvTome (

Little more than a quick advertisement, your truly offered to add a little content to the bare bones entry at tvtome. The text is short, abiding as it does by the rules of the site, but gives a brief summary of Beck's TV career, duplicating some content from here. A good way to help get the composer's name round via the big sites that can afford to submit to search engines.

Christophe Beck Yahoo!Group

A new forum, started April 2005, to allow people to swap "thoughts, news, photos and audio files on this great composer."

Rob Gokee (

Rob is a big fan both of Chris Beck's music and Joss Whedon's work, so it isn't surprising that he has sent in a huge number of detailed reviews of Buffy episode music, but he is also now a budding composer in the same industry. Visit his website for more details about him and his projects, and download a few promotional cues he has added recently. He also has a Myspace account.

Justin Boggan

Justin is top of the class in seeking out those hidden 'additional composer' and 'ghost writer' people who hide behind those cosey composer credits. Believe it or not, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is by no means the only show to utilise this method of bringing in a score to even tighter schedules on ever-shrinking budgets. Justin has a number of websites reflecting his various interests:

A string of mini sites covering composers Scott Gilman, Danny Lux and Peter Tomashek

A huge and comprehensive list of rejected film scores he has discovered exist

A fansite for David Newman

Chris Bleth

Woodwind player for Chris Beck on Buffy, Elektra and Pink Panther. Has also worked with fellow Buffy luminary, Douglas Romayne Stevens and on some recent big screen hits like King Kong.

Christophe Beck Says (

From Little Willow's Slayground, this shows a symmary of some of CB's comments and quips made previously at the Bronze Posting board. Watch out of multiple pop-ups.

Chris Beck scores Pink Panther

Dan Goldwasser's article covering the scoring sessions for PP, complete with pictures of its progress. [Blunt note: Archived text8]

Wade Culbreath

Homepage of a percussionist involved with nearly all recent Beck scores including Elektra and Without A Paddle (both scores with important percussion elements).

Noella Choi Online

Midi and sheetmusic of various themes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Chris Wiley (

Christopher Wiley has continued to research aspects of music in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and, to a lesser extent, of spin-off series Angel), leading to papers delivered at Keele University and City University in March and May 2005 respectively. Entitled 'Reading Television Underscore: The Music of Buffy the Vampire Slayer', Chris's lectures aimed to theorise the implications to the music of the serial nature of television shows, drawing comparisons with analogous artforms in other fields. Using musical examples taken principally from fourth-season episodes 'Hush' and 'Doomed', he demonstrated the ways in which television music works across both the smaller spans of individual acts and episodes, and the larger spans of episodes within and beyond a given season, in order better to understand the differences between music for television and that for film.

Chris has recently been appointed Lecturer in Music at City University, London, where his teaching and research will include popular music and musical multimedia topics as well as Western art-music of the last four centuries.


Good resource for the 'Once more with feeling' musical episode from Buffy's 6th season

Buffy Galaxy
New address: (under construction); previous address:

Discovered by Robert Gokee, this is a rather good fansite (in the graphics-heavy classic fan tradition!) for Buffy that includes barrel-loads of MP3s, including those cues and suites (both promotional and commercial [naughty!]) by CB. I'm told other composers are also represented. It also includes a picture (archived here) of Chris Beck at work. There is Italian text here, but also much English and it's easy to find your way around.

The Buffy Trivia Guide

Good link to Beck-related Buffy trivia (inc the Emmy Award and Exposition Song)
This page from the site looks at the songs used in every episode of the show, as well as some specially composed music.

Buffy FAQ Resources (

Links to FAQ pages (some generated by the site author) for various Buffy (and Angel) newsgroups. No internal links or author details were found to be credited. Also recommended is the Bronze posting board for its archives.

BBC - Cult - Buffy (

Excellent rival site to those of other networks, this one tries not to spoil the plot for UK fans, who are anything up to a year behind those in America. Fortunately there is still much information in the form of cast and crew interviews (both text and RealAudio), and news of upcoming events and releases. Some information may have a bearing on CB interested parties (there has been in the past) and make it into the "news" section of this site where possible.

Beck interview (

Interview translated presumably from although this no longer seems extant. Indeed I have had trouble finding the homepage, and there appear to be missing image files and broken links. Navigating to at least brings up a parent directory, which also links to a page listing episodes scored by CB ( Any help as to the interview source or homepage would be gratefully received.

Below are links (with brief explanations) to data added by myself from sites where said data does not APPEAR to exist any longer. To prove me wrong (and thereby get the link placed in the adjacent list instead), please e-mail me! I'll credit you, of course.

On the track [NEW]

Interview excerpts used in Fred Karlin and Rayburn Wright: On the track. A guide to contemporary film scoring, pub. 2004. Mention is made of Beck's scoring technique and facilities, with reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Confidence, and perhaps Hostile Intent.

Interview with Scorenotes

Transcript of a telephone interview in which Beck discusses We Are Marshall, scoring fact/fiction films, differences between TV and film scoring, the influence of Jerry Goldsmith, going back to TV for Daybreak, and upcoming film projects. Interview dated from 2006.12

Two interviews with CB

from (I think!) British Music Web, dating from during and after Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

MOTU 2408 Audio Advert

I don't think the company selling this solution will mind, particularly given the ludicrous url I found it at.

"Once more with feeling" trivia from

This may well be still in existence, but the webmaster would rather not lose this information. This is not the complete trivia text, only an excerpt. The URL link noted at the time of upload is here

Beck scores Elektra

A message board post that is most likely based on second-hand data, but accurate and very readable. Messageboards often flush their histories or are targetted by hackers, so this backup seemed appropriate.

Beck interview with Frank H. Woodward and Mark Sung

For M&C Soundtracks, this interview is mostly about Elektra, but also touches on scoring timeframes, Buffy, Jerry Goldsmith, Ape Quartet, and Mark Kilian; it also mentions future projects: Ice Princes (working on), Perfect Man (next), Pink Panther (later in 2005). [A little bit early with this archive, after discovering the link working again. Will remove if complaints.]

The Watcher's Web interview with Christophe Beck

An interview during his scoring for Buffy, looking forward to Angel, and mentioning his training, the Emmy, Guinevere, the CBCC, and his scoring equipment.

Christophe Beck: Qui Est-il?

A brief biography of the composer at the time of his scoring for Buffy and Angel. Language: Frenc


Beck on the red carpet for the Elektra premiere (see)
Beck at work on scoring a Faith scene (see)
Beck at the Las Vegas Elektra premiere (see)