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BBC Buffy site's "trivia" coverage of the Musical episode (season 6)

Splendid Music: Joss spent all summer writing the episode. "[He] came up with lyrics, melodies, the underlying chords/harmony, as well as general stylistic direction for each of 16 musical numbers," composer Christophe Beck told the Bronze posting board.

"The songs started out as four-track recordings Joss made himself. I co-arranged and co-produced the songs with Jesse Tobias of the band Splendid," Beck added.

"Tim (Angel co-executive producer Tim Minear) and I went to Cape Cod to work with Joss in early July," Angel producer David Greenwalt told the Bronze posting board. "He had four or five of the songs sort of finished. We were staggered, just staggered. They're really just what you would expect. It's going to be the amazing show of the year."

Soundtrack: Joss Whedon is pushing for a soundtrack album to be released in the near future. 20th Century Fox are keen for this to go ahead, but it may take a little time to get all the clearances sorted out.

The Final Cut: The musical episode ran an additional eight minutes on its first transmission. According to Joss Whedon, a shorter version will be broadcast from now on.

Apparently, the edit was "hell to do, but we pulled out [the track] If Were together entirely, plus a verse from Spike and a verse from Walk through the Fire. Plus, a messload of dialogue, the overture [MENTIONED IN THE REVIEW AS BEING BY BECK!!] and Dawn's Ballet. All gone.

"Hopefully it still plays as a dramatic piece though, not a hodgepodge."