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1. Featured links

[Update 2002.12.04 - regrettably the John Foulds Home Page referred to below is no longer extant, although http://www.archive.org does keep record.]
One can usually rely on faithful Len Mullinger to dig out a decent site on British composers, and he doesn't disappoint, finding one of the few articles worth reading on the web (Bomis.com's webring of British and Irish composers lists the same). By Diarmuid Pigott, MCI, this article is one of a collection created by 'civilisation' in an attempt to add a little flesh to the bare bones of lesser-known composers. The John Foulds Home Page really is little more than a page, but it shines in its grasp of the composer, proving that the author has done his research, and dug out the two principle texts relating to the composer: Foulds' own work Music To-Day (1934) and the study by Malcolm Macdonald John Foulds: His Life in Music (1975, expanded 1989). In fact, for those who have had trouble obtaining a copy of Music To-Day, the author has kindly (and arguably against copyright) transcribed chapters 14, 16 and 17. With this text long out of print and the composer long dead, one wonders how copyright could really be such an issue, and if I had the courage I might finish the job.

BL Manuscripts catalogue:
"MacCarthy (Maud) . afterw. Swami Omananda Puri; wife of John Foulds John Foulds's 'World Requiem' , partly to texts by J. Bunyan and M. MacCarthy 1921, 1923 Add. 56478 [http://molcat.bl.uk/msscat/DESC0010.ASP?CollectionID=27&NStart=56478&CollectionName=Add] "
"MacCarthy (Maud) . afterw. Swami Omananda Puri; wife of John Foulds Letter rel. to John Foulds's 'World Requiem' , to M. MacCarthy from Sir H. M. W. Sargent 1965 Typewritten. Signed Add. 56478 [http://molcat.bl.uk/msscat/DESC0010.ASP?CollectionID=27&NStart=56478&CollectionName=Add] f. xli "
John Foulds Collection:
"[Add.] 56469-56483 FOULDS COLLECTION. Musical compositions of John Foulds (b.1880, d.1939), together with letters and papers relating to his works; 1900-1965, n.d. Autograph and in ink unless otherwise stated. Printed works are published in London, unless the contrary is recorded. For further information on Foulds, see M. MacDonald, John Foulds: his life in music (Rickmansworth, 1975). Presented by Mrs Marybride Watt, daughter of the composer, 31 Oct. 1970.
Paper. Fifteen volumes."

Facebook page:
Someone set up a Facebook page with a 'Wall' for posting of concert alerts. Great idea! I'll be keeping an eye on it. Probably a good way to keep in touch, too, and several experts keep tabs on it, so indepth questions might get answered. http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Foulds/157913657575868?sk=wall

2. Articles / Sites with some Foulds content

Prof. Nalini Ghuman. Scholar details - one to keep an eye on, perhaps, for future 'champions' or 'bibliography' status. An interest in North Indian vocal music, and currently preparing a book: India in the English Musical Imagination, 1890- 1940. Her current post is with Mills College in Oakland, California, USA.

Dr Neil Sorrell. Scholar details - another to investigate for 'champions' and 'bibliography' status. His Ph.D thesis was on North Indian music, and he currently teaches Indian and Javanese music (especially the gamelan) at York University. In a symposium titled 'The History of North Indian Music' at Rotterdam Conservatory , the Netherlands, on 1997.12.18-20... "Neil Sorrell talked about two early western pioneers in the field of Indian music, John Foulds and Maud MacCarthy."

Allclassical.com includes a page for John Foulds, with biographical information authored by Tim Mahon
No direct URL possible. Go to Allclassical.com and search for "john foulds" [archived]
Many thanks to Terry James for the pointer

MusicWeb article annotated by Malcolm MacDonald: 'Conversations of a cellist-composer', reproduced from Musical opinion, march 1935, pp.506-507
http://www.musicweb.uk.net/brian/zconversations.htm [archived]

Malcolm MacDonald: 'John Herbert Foulds' Classical composers database [short general article and selective works list]
http://www.classical-composers.org/cgi-bin/ccd.cgi?comp=foulds [archived]

Malcolm MacDonald: 'Foulds, John (Herbert)' The New Grove Dictionary of Music Online ed. L. Macy
http://www.grovemusic.co.uk [note that access is charged, although some institutions subscribe, and there is always the printed edition of the Dictionary] [archived]

John Foulds Home Page [No longer extant. See http://www.archive.org]
http://shift.merriweb.com.au/foulds/index.html [archived]

RecMusic.org [song listings: recently more Foulds lyrics added]

'John Foulds' at Biography.com

'Foulds, John (Herbert)' Xrefer (from Oxford dictionary) [general information]

British Music Society, with details of its annual yearbook publication (volumes 10 and 20 contain articles with specific reference to Foulds and may be purchased)
Tore's Classic Website endeavours to disceminate similar information concerning the journal at http://www.steenslid.com/music/bms/journal.htm

Stewart, R.J. 'A Short Article on William Sharp/Fiona Macleod' [An article connecting Foulds and Maud MacCarthy with a group of spiritualists] [archived]

Reigle, Robert. 'Forgotten gems' La Folia Online Music Review, April 2002, including text on Foulds, his quarter-tones and his inspirations
http://www.lafolia.com/archive/reigle/reigle200204gems.html [archived] [nb. directly relevant text]

Cave, Charles. 'History of musical settings of the Requiem Mass' [Foulds is given a small mention in a potted history of the requiem]
http://usrwww.mpx.com.au/~charles/Requiem/history.htm [archived]

Schlüren, Christoph. 'British composers "Things in music we have never before heard"' Musikmph undated [potted biography and useful musical description for German language speakers]

Schlüren, Christoph. 'John Foulds - First time west meets east' Musikmph October 1996 [mostly a disc review; German language]

A quiz question about Foulds's 'Air signature tune', answered [noted]

Historical Manuscript Commission (HMC) [references the BL [Add MSS 56469-83] for correspondence and papers, 1900-57]

Evans, Gary. 'Prom 25 [1998]: BBC Concert Orchestra under Barry Wordsworth' Promenaders' Unofficial Homepage [review of the concert including the Mantras][relevant paragraph noted]
[Details from the same prom at http://www.albemarle-london.com/proms98.html]

Malcolm MacDonald CV [including mention of his published text on Foulds]
Malcolm MacDonald programme notes [purchasable copies at £10 or 30 for professional use, hence the cost for a relatively small number of words (80-600) 17 items are listed for various works under Foulds's name]

Microtonal music on CD [a page listing recordings for those interested; includes a brief reference to Foulds]

Foulds' 1924 song The tell-tale heart is listed as one of a number of exempla of woiks for voice with indefinite picth. The song is for spoken voice and piano, published by Paxton. The mention is very brief.

A review of Chandos's Delius Requiem which makes parallels and contrasts with Foulds' World requiem

A vast bibliography of tuning and microtuning from the Hygens-Fokker Foundation (centre for microtonal music). Not Foulds-specific, but useful for anyone investingating quarter tones.

3. Publisher / Recording / Recording review sites

John Foulds at [publisher] ChesterNovello [lists only Gaelic Melodies, op. 81 for brass, and Grand Compagnie for chorus and strings for hire]

MusicWeb CD review: 'English Cello sonatas' [inc Foulds; BMS423CD]

Tore's Classical Website: Details of 'English Cello sonatas' disc [inc Foulds; BMS423CD]

MusicWeb CD review: 'John Foulds: Works for string quartet' [PEARL SHE CD 9564]

BIS [label] details of [John Foulds: Essays on the modes, etc.] (Kathryn Stott) [CD-933]

Hyperion [label] release announcement: British Light Music Classics - 4 [CDA67400] [disc contains Keltic Lament]

Rare/Out of print Lyrita LPs for sale [at 2002.12 includes Foulds' Dynamic triptych with Vaughan Williams's piano concerto in C at $125 plus shipping]

Amazon.com search results on John Foulds [7 items]

Boosey & Hawkes repertoire listing [for orchestral parts, all rentals; 8 items listed]

KC Vinyl [listings mention of 'Masters of the English Musical Renaissance' UM 3529-31] for sale at £10