Foulds Collection at the British Library

Additional Manuscripts 56469-56483 at the British Library. Details courtesty of the Music Collections and Manuscripts departments. Contains musical compositions of John Foulds (1880-1939), together with letters and papers relating to his works; 1900-1965, n.d. Autograph and in ink unless otherwise stated. Printed works are published in London, unless the contrary is recorded. Presented by Mrs Marybride Watt, daughter of the composer, 1970.10.31.

Paper. Fifteen volumes.

56469. Foulds Collection. Vol. i. 'Lyrics' for piano, op. 1; 1900. With decorative wood-cut title-page (f. 1).

ff. i+4. 325 x 205mm.

56470 A, B. Foulds Collection. Vol. ii A, B. 'The Vision of Dante', concert opera in three parts, op. 7 (text from Dante's 'Divine Comedy'); 1908. Full score.

Two volumes.

56470 A. Foulds Collection. Vol. ii A. Part I, with a typescript libretto (ff. 1-17).

ff. i+120. Largest size 420 x 340mm.

56470 B. Foulds Collection. Vol. ii B. Parts II and III.

ff. 123. Largest size 430 x 340mm.

56471 Foulds Collection. Vol. iii. 'Epithalamium, Music-Poem no. 2' for orchestra, op. 10; 1906. Full score. Ink, with further additions and annotations in blue crayon, pencil and red ink.

ff. i+34. Overall size 420 x 340mm.

56472 Foulds Collection. Vol. iv. 'Apotheosis (Elegy) Music-Poem no. 4', for violin and orchestra, op. 18; 1909. Full score. Ink, with pencil, blue crayon and red ink annotations. 'Dedicated to the memory of Joseph Joachim', f. i.

ff. i+12. Largest size 425 x 345mm.

56473 Foulds Collection. Vol. v. 'Mirage, Music-Poem no. 5', for orchestra, op. 20; 1910. Full score.

ff. i+50. Largest size 420 x 345mm.

56474 Foulds Collection. Vol. vi. 'Music-Pictures (Group 3)', for orchestra, op. 33; 1912. Full score. The movement titles are I, 'The Ancient of days' (after William Blake); II, 'Columbine' (after Brunet); III, 'Old Greek Legend' (after Martin); IV, 'The Tocsin' (after Boutigny). With pencil conductor's markings (in the hand of Henry Wood?). With printed 'descriptive notes' by Rosa Newmarch (f. 1v).

ff. i+41. Largest size 405 x 335mm.

56475 Foulds Collection. Vol. vii. 'Hellas. A Suite of Anciant [sic] Greece', for two string orchestras, harp and percussion, op. 45; 1932. Full score.

ff. 42. 370 x 270mm.

56476 Foulds Collection. Vol. viii. 'Lyra Celtica', concerto for voice and orchestra, op. 50; [circa 1925]. Full score. Unfinished. Partly pencil.

ff. ii+49. 350 x 270mm.

56477 Foulds Collection. Vol. ix. 'The Song of Honour', for chamber orchestra with female voices ad. lib. (incidental music to accompany a spoken poem by Ralph Hodgson), op. 54; [circa 1918]. Full score. With red crayon conductor's markings.

ff. 12. Largest size 220 x 340mm. Written on cut down sheets of MS. paper.

56478 Foulds Collection. Vol. x. 'A World Requiem', for soli, chorus, orchestra and organ, op. 60 (text from the Bible, the Requiem Mass, the Benedicite, Kabir, John Bunyan and Maud MacCarthy); 1920-1965, n.d. Full score and associated materials. The score and some of the associated papers have been annotated and signed 'O.P.' (i.e. Maud MacCarthy, afterwards Swami Omananda Puri). For further correspondence relating to this work see Add. 56482. Vocal score published W. Paxton & Co. [1923]. No. 13a, 'Song of the Blest' was published separately as a song with obligato violin accompaniment, W. Paxton & Co. (1924), see 3 below.

ff. xli+236+55*, 133*, 133**, 162*, 164*, 172*, 172**, 189*, 197*, 223*.


1. f. i. Letter from Field-Marshal Douglas Haig, President of the British Legion, to members of the London Cenotaph Choir; 1924.

2. ff. ii-xviii. Notices, programmes, reviews, etc.; 1926, n.d. Printed.

3. ff. xix-xxvi. Song of the Blest, op. 60, no. 13a; 1924. Printed score and violin part.

4. ff. xxvii-xli, 1-11. Notes, etc., relating to the orchestra, the full score and the text, partly in the hand of Maud MacCarthy; 1929-1965, n.d. Includes (f. xli) a letter dated 1965 from Sir Malcolm Sargent to 'Madame Puri', i.e. Maud MacCarthy.

5. ff. 12-228. Full score, with parts of the printed vocal score interleaved; 1921, 1923.

6. ff. 229-236. Discarded draft full score pages numbered 378-387, 389-391, 393-395; [1921].

56479 Foulds Collection. Vol xi. 'Three choruses in the Hippolytus of Euripides' for women's chorus with accompaniment for small orchestra and harp (text translated by Gilbert Murray), from op. 84; 1928. Vocal score. Partly pencil.

ff. iii+14. Largest size 350 x 270mm.

56480 Foulds Collection. Vol. xii. 'Dynamic Triptych', for piano and orchestra, op. 88; 1929. Full score. With a programme note by the composer (f. xx verso), a printed programme of the first performance (1931, ff. iv-xvi) and a printed review of the fourth performance (1933, ff. ii).

ff. xxi+86. Largest size 350 x 265mm. Quarter leather binding, gold lettering to front cover.

56481 Foulds Collection. Vol. xiii. 'Quartetto Intimo', for string quartet, op. 89; 1932. Score.

ff. i+14. Largest size 355 x 265mm.

56482 Foulds Collection. Vol. xiv. Correspondence and papers of and relating to Foulds; 1905-1957. Partly typewritten.

ff. 111.


1. ff. 1-95. Correspondence of and relating to Foulds, chiefly letters to him; 1905-1957.

2. ff. 96-111. Classified bibliography of works by Foulds up to 1932; aft. 1932.

56483 Foulds Collection. Vol. xv. Bibliography of compositions by Foulds, Book I, Major Works; [circa 1926-1939].

ff. iii+25. 165 x 110mm. Note-book, boards covered in buff cloth. Titled on label on front cover (f. 1).