Miscellaneous sources and resources

This page holds thoughts, findings and links which are not extensive enough to have their own page

The Britten-Pears Library, located at Aldeburgh, includes in its collection a video cassette copy of the GPO Film Unit title Four barriers. The BPL catalogue lists this item as 7'34" in timing, recorded between September and October 1936 (released 1937). [Catalogue IDs: 10Ab9.VC0407; ID: 3-01050909, BPL: 6397]. Further details of this item which references Foulds's involvement (or mention?) may be found on the catalogue located at its site, http://www.britten-pears.co.uk/, but no other information is known to Bluntinstrument. Visits to view the collection are strictly by appointment only, and details are once more available from the website.

[NEW] The National Library of Australia catalogue includes an entry for the score and parts of John Foulds' 'Holiday sketches' as part of the 'State Theatre collection of scores and parts for cinema use'. It is stamped 'Film House Library' which indicates the original owners used or distributed the music for cinema or theatre use (1900-1950). The catalogue page is at http://nla.gov.au/nla.cat-vn4309636

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