A COPAC search for Foulds

COPAC currently allows the user to search 23 libraries simultaneously, including major institutions such as the British Library and and Oxford (note that a large proportion of pre-1920 Bodlian material is not here). Searching for "John Foulds" as an author in a COPAC search on 2003.01.10 found 103 entries (listed below) although many were duplications and these have been pared down: each entry should be a single work referencing any number of institutions which hold the copy, but this does not hold true in this search since different editions and other factors such as vocal/orchestral scores came into play. The list below may not reference the libraries, as COPAC does, but it will at least provide the reader with an understanding of what is available before trying this avenue.

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Note that many of these items are from the British Library and are thus a duplication of another list on this site
Date refers to publication date

Allah (song, words translated by Longfellow) 1925
Ayre and stately march (arranged for organ by Patrick Williams) 1971
Ballade and refrain rococo, op.40, no.1 (violin, piano) 1914
La belle Pierrette. Intermezzo impromptu. (piano) 1923
Le cabaret, overture to a French comedy, op.72a, (arrangement for piano) 1925
Le cabaret, overture to a French comedy, op.72a, (piano conductor, orchestral parts) 1925
Le cabaret, overture to a French comedy, op.72a, (piano) 1925
Canadian boat song, op.25, no.1 (cello, piano) 1914
Caprice Pompadour, op.42, no.2 (violin, piano) 1916
The damnation of Faust (selection arranged by the composer) 1922
Darby and Joan: an old English idyll, op.42, no.1 (violin, cello, string orchestra) 1916
The dawn (Y wawr) (contralto/baritone, piano/harp) by Nansi Richards and Foulds 1958
An Eastern lover (song, text from "The Song of Songs") 1921
Eddies. A music picture. (piano) 1925
Eileen Aroon. (song, words by G. Griffen [Griffin]) 1923
Essays in the modes 1928; also 1993
Evoë (song, words by Fiona Macleod, etc) 1925
'Excerpts from Richard Wagner' (arranged for quartet of trombones by Foulds) 1957
'Excerpts from Tschaikowsky' (arranged for quartet of trombones by Foulds; one with an alternative part for Eb tenor horn- score and parts) 1957
'Excerpts from Wagner' (arranged for quartet of trombones by Foulds, with an alternative part for Eb tenor horn- score and parts) 1957
Fantasie of negro spirituals (collected, transcribed and orchestrated by Foulds; piano conductor and parts) 1932
The Florida spiritual (arranged for piano from the orchestral score) 1925
The Florida spiritual. Negro Spiritual. (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1925
Gaelic melodies. Music pictures group vi, op.81 (piano) 1924
Gaelic melodies. Suite. Music pictures group vi, op.81 (1. The Dream of Morven. 2. Deirdrê crooning. 3. Merry Macdoon. Piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1924
Gandharva-music, op.49 19??
The grand compagnie: in tonic sol-fa 1931
Hebrew rhapsody (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1936
Henry viii. A suite of music in the old English style, op.87 (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1926
How sweet the name. Sacred solo for tenor or soprano (words by J. Newton, Welsh translation by D. Charles and J. Price Williams. Staff and tonic sol-fa notation) 1957
Isles of Greece. Impressions of time and place no.2, op.48, no.2 (piano conductor and orchestral parts) 1937
Kashmiri boat song (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1939
Keltic lament (with Greensleeves fantasia by Vaughan Williams) 1949
A Keltic lament (piano) 1916
A Keltic lament (arranged for cello and piano by W. H. Squire) 1923
A Keltic lament (cello and piano) 1915
Keltic lament (part-song for SATB etc.) 1933
Keltic lament (part-song for TTBB etc.) 1933
Keltic overture, op.28 (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1931
Keltic suite, op.29 (arranged for military band by F. Winterbottom; 1. The clans, 2. A lament, 3. The call; parts) 1915
Keltic suite, op.29 1923
Lances of gold (words by Fiona Macleod) 1921
A May burden (mixed voice chorus; words by T. Thompson) 1933
Meditation, op.32 by Glazunov (arranged for orchestra by Foulds; parts) 1924
Mendelssohn-fantasie (piano-conductor and orchestral parts, using music by Mendelssohn) 1932
Music to-day. Its heritage from the past and legacy to the future 1934
The new noel (hymn, words by H. K. Ainsworth) 1924
Old French gigue, op.25, no.2 (cello and piano) 1914
Old wine, old Books (male voices; words by R. H. Messinger) 1933
Orchil (song, words by Fiona Macleod, etc) 1925
Parting and meeting (song, words by M. Cumberland) 1931
A prayer for freedom (song, with organ accompaniment, ad lib; words by W. Akerman, etc) 1918
Quindry Bay. A song at sundown (arranged for male voices) 1929
Quindry Bay (in tonic sol-fa) 1933
The reed player (song; words by Fiona Macleod) 1921
Roses and rue: an old English burden (words adapted from Charles Kingsley; music from the music to a fairy play, op.35 by John Foulds) 1926
Saint Joan. Suite (from the incidental music to G. Bernard Shaw's chronicle play; simplified transcription for piano) 1925
Schubert-Fantasie (piano-conductor and orchestral parts; using music by Schubert) 1933
5 Scottish Keltic songs, op.70 (chorus) 1925
Sérénade (by Glazunov? transcribed by Foulds) 1929
Sérénade espagnole by Galzunov (arranged for orchestra by Foulds; parts) 1925
The shadowy woodlands (song, words by Fiona Macleod) 1921
Sicilian aubade in the popular style (piano) 1927
Sicilian aubade in the popular style (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1927
Sonata pour violoncelle et piano op.6 (Sonata for cello and piano) 1928
Song of the blest (song with violin obligato, ad lib., etc.) 1924
Sonia, op.83, no.13 (a character study from the music to E. Toller's play "Masse Mensch"; violin and piano) 1925
Spinning 1988
Spring joy (song, words by Longfellow, from the French) 1925
Strophes from an antique song (piano-conductor and orchestral parts) 1935
Strophes from an antique song (piano) 1927
Suite fantastique for piano, etc. (from the music to a French pierrot play, op.72) 1924
A suite of music in the olden style (incidental to Shakespeare's Henry viii; for Sybil Thorndike's production of the play at the Empire Theatre, London. op.87 (piano solo) 1926
Symphonie fantastique. Episode in the life of an artist, op.14. Movements ii. and iv by Berlioz (arranged by Foulds; transcribed for military band by T. C. Brown; parts) 1937
Symphonie fantastique : Marche au supplice / arranged by J.H. Foulds . 1924
Symphonie fantastique : movements 2 and 4 / arranged by J.H. Foulds . 1924
The tell-tale heart (dramatic monologue by E. A. Poe, op.36, simplified piano arrangement from the orchestral score by the composer) 1924
Three marching songs, op.5a (male voice chorus) 1930
Three marching songs, op.5 (mixed voice chorus with orchestra or piano; words adapted from Bulwer Lytton's "Rienzi" 1. Santo spirito, 2. Lances of the free, 3. The grand compagnie) 1929
Tschaikowski-fantasie (piano-conductor and orchestral parts; music by Tchaikovsky used) 1934
Variazioni ed improvvisati su un tema originale for Pianoforte Solo. - Op. 4 / [by] Foulds, John Herbert . 1905
A world requiem, op.60 (soprano, contralto, tenor and baritone, small chorus of boys and youths, chorus, orchestra, organ) 1923 (another entry for the vocal score published the same year)