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No doubt the BBC have quite a lot concerning John Foulds in terms of scores and written material, but below are details of sound recordings they own, as searched in 2003 (I hope I have located the correct "John Foulds"s). Note that the BBC do not lend or copy their recordings for private use or research. However, the British Library Sound Archive is able to obtain copies (if they are not already held) for anyone to listen to at the Library. The "Cprd name" is a great help when contacting them. Occasionally these items are already in the BL Sound Archive's collection, and where this looks like the case, I have added "BLSA" details, which again are a great help when ordering, since these items are not always catalogued. Appointments have to be made in good time to allow the technical side of this to run its course, but it is an invaluable access point.

Date: 07 Jun 1943
Medium: MONO B/W
Cprd name: 6405 (1) [Prog num: 9:SX 25424 Cat num: 875198]
Catalogue: LISC Subcat: RADPROG Screen type: 2

"Deirdre Crooning". Pub. Paxton. (Key E minor).
"Merry Macdoon". Pub. Paxton. (Key D).
BBC Midland Light Orchestra, cond. Rae Jenkins
Recording Prospectus M/MLO 1342; 12RM 14760
John Foulds wrote incidental music for over twenty plays produced in London theatres, and conducted most of them himself. He devoted much time to the study of the music of the East, and especially of India. This brought him directly into broadcasting, for he spent the last years of his life as Musical Director of the A.I.R. Station in Calcutta. His interest in Celtic folk-lore is shown in two orchestral pieces 'Deirdre Crooning', a lullaby, and 'Merry Macdoon', a vigorous piece in quick time.

BLSA: 9CL0000414, 9CL0004014, 9CL0014072, 9CL0014074

Date: 02 Nov 1944
Medium: MONO B/W
Cprd name: 7710 (1) [Prog num: 8:SX 25510 Cat num: 876043]
Catalogue: LISC Subcat: RADPROG Screen type: 2

"Keltic Overture. Pub. Bosworth.
BBC Theatre Orchestra, cond. Harold Lowe
MTL:Sd.1.2'16" - Part 1 (Key D) Sd.2.2'04" - Part 2 (Key A) Sd.3.1'55" - Part 3 (Key D)
John Foulds, an Englishman, wrote much music in the Keltic idiom. He died during the war

BLSA: 1CS0066446, 1CS0066447

Date: 11 Nov 1954
Seqs: 7.5 Medium: MONO B/W
Cprd name: 40814 (1) [Prog num: 1:SX 14336 Cat num: 915610]
Catalogue: LISC Subcat: RADPROG Screen type: 2

Programme of light music by various composers
B.B.C. CONCERT ORCHESTRA conducted by Stanford Robinson
1. March of the Toreadors from Carmen - 3'50" Bizet B.B.C. MS Arr. Stanford Robinson 2. Phil the Fluter's Ball - 3'27" Anthony Collins Prowse ***3. The Fairy Tarapatapoum - 2'57" J.H. Foulds Boosey & Hawkes*** 4. Fresh Morning (Suite: Springtime) - 4'32" E. Coates Chappell 5. A La Gavotte - 2'58" Herman Finck Boosey & Hawkes 6. Intermezzo (Fairy Tale Suite) - 4'03" Joseph Suk Simrock 7. Mock Morris - 3'45" Grainger Schott 8. Norwegian Dance No.2 - 2'30" Grieg Peters 9. Spanish Dance No.5 - 2'31" Moszkowski Boosey & Hawkes 10. Welsh Rhapsody, Men of Harlech - 4'40" German Novello


Date: 27 May 1967
Copyright: PF
Cprd name: 32531 (1) [Prog num: 3:SX 29540 Cat num: 851645]

The First Saint Joan: scenes from the play Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw. Introduced by Dame Sybil Thorndike, who performs her original role. Extracts from The Saint Joan Suite by John Foulds conducted by Alan Paul. Producer: Graham Gauld. Broadcast as part of the Sybil Thorndike Festival

PRE:MUSIC (pre-rec. 22.5.67): Ad hoc orchestra, conducted by Alan Paul. Excerpts from The Saint Joan Suite (1942) John Foulds Paxtons 4'44". Contents: P.I.000-016: Opening announcements; music (until P.I.009); introductions (02'15") by Dame Sybil Thorndike, recalling first performance in 1924. P.I.016-079: Scene One. Closing music; link by Dame Sybil Thorndike. P.I.082-130: Chinon. Closing music; link by Dame Sybil Thorndike. P.I.135-224: Rheims, after Dauphin's coronation. Closing music; link by Dame Sybil Thorndike. P.I.229-284: Trial at Rouen (last questioning). Closing music. P.I.286-289: Dame Sybil Thondike concludes programme with quotation from Epilogue. P.I.289: Closing music. P.I.291-296: Closing announcements. NTS:First broadcast in Afternoon Theatre HS 27.5.67. The announcements on the present recording are those of the repeat, HS 2.8.67. OTN:TLN 17 DB 007 TXN/TDT:HS 27-May-1967 ANT:Op. & cl. ("This evening....") CON: Cast List : Robert de Baudricourt Clive Morton Steward Duncan McIntyre (Rep) Saint Joan Sybil Thorndike De Poulengy Frank Henderson (Rep) Bluebeard Peter Bartlett Dauphin Ian McKellen La Tremouille Geoffrey Wincott (Rep) Archbishop Walter Fitzgerald (Rep) La Hire John Justin (Rep) Duchess Betty Hardy (Rep) Page at Court Terry Raven Duncan Michael Spice The Inquisitor Alan Wheatley De Cauchon Frank Henderson (Rep) Canon d'Estivet John Justin (Rep) Ladvenu Nigel Clayton (Rep) Canon de Courcelles Duncan McIntyre (Rep) The Executioner Geoffrey Wincott (Rep) Chaplain Walter Fitzgerald (Rep) BARTLETT Peter (act) CLAYTON Nigel (act) FITZGERALD Walter (act) FOULDS John (comp) GAULD Graham (prod) HENDERSON Frank (act) JUSTIN John (act) MCINTYRE Duncan (act) MCKELLEN Ian (act) MORTON Clive (act) RAVEN Terry (act) SHAW George Bernard (auth) SPICE Michael (act) THORNDIKE Sybil, Dame (act) THORNDIKE Sybil, Dame (spkr) WHEATLEY Alan; Actor (act) WINCOTT Geoffrey (act)


Date: 29 May 1981; Medium: STER
Cprd name: 55273 (1) [Prog num: 7:SX 30403 Cat num: 935672]

A recital of settings of Georgian poetry by John Foulds, Herbert Howells, William L. Reed and Frederick Kelly. David Willison (piano) Held at the request of Music Department
R3 29-May-1981 MTL:REEL 1 (30'10") Phantom Horseman - 1'27" JOHN FOULDS The Seven Ages - 8'40" JOHN FOULDS King David - 5'32" HERBERT HOWELLS Five Spiritual Songs WILLIAM L. REED 1. Psalm 23 - 2'22" 2. O Thous Best Gift Of Heaven - 1'47" 3. The Ways Of Wisdom - 2'15" 4. A Way Am I To Thee, a Wayfarer - 4'20" 5. O Lord, I Wonder At Thy Love - 3'08" REEL 2 (19'00") Six Songs, Op. 6 FREDERICK KELLY 1. March - 4'22" 2. The Sages' Dance - 1'31" 3. When the Lamp Is Shattered - 4'21" 4. Music, When Soft Voices Die - 2'10" 5. The Cherry Tree - 1'00" 6. The Daffodils - 4'45"

NOT AT BLSA, but double check 9CS0018444

Date: 11 Jan 1994
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1045076 Catalogue: LISC]

21.30 BBC RADIO 3 11.1.94 Aldeburgh Festival 1993
A Musical Portrait of Peter Paul Nash. introduced by the composer Sarah Leonard (soprano). Rolf Hind (piano). Brindisi String Quartet. Ingrid Culliford (flute). David Rix (clarinet). Martin Allen (percussion). conductor Stefan Asbury. Ravel Menuet sur le nom de Haydn. Nash Terrace. Sibelius Sonatina in F sharp minor. Nash In a Walled Garden. Bach Fugue in C sharp minor (`48' Bk 2). Per Norgard Remembering (first performance). Nash String Quartet No 2 (Festival commission - first performance). 22.45 BBC RADIO 3 11.1.94 Night Waves. Tony Palmer presents the live arts magazine, with a profile of Rudyard Kipling - jingoist or genius? 23.30 BBC RADIO 3 11.1.94 The BBC Orchestras. BBC Concert Orchestra. conductor Barry Wordsworth. John Harle (saxophone). Bryan Kelly Overture: Latin Quarter. John Foulds Indian Suite. Stanley Myers Saxophone Concerto. Richard Rodney Bennett Variations on a Nursery Tune.

Date: 12 Jan 1994
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1045080 Catalogue: LISC]

12.00 BBC RADIO 3 12.1.94 The BBC Orchestras
BBC Concert Orchestra. conductor Barry Wordsworth. John Harle (saxophone). Bryan Kelly Overture: Latin Quarter. John Foulds Indian Suite. Stanley Myers Saxophone Concerto. Richard Rodney Bennett Variations on a Nursery Tune. 13.00 BBC RADIO 3 12.1.94 News. 13.05 BBC RADIO 3 12.1.94 Birmingham Lunchtime Concert. Live from Studio 1, Pebble Mill Romanesca: Andrew Manze (violin). Nigel North (guitar/archlute). John Toll (harpsichord). Biber La Pastorella. Vivaldi Violin Sonata No 3 in G minor (Manchester Collection). Biber Violin Sonata No 8 in A; Passacaglia in G minor. Vivaldi Violin Sonata No 4 in D (Manchester Collection). 14.00 BBC RADIO 3 12.1.94 Record Review. presented by Anthony Burton. Building a Library: Purcell's Fairy Queen by Graham Sadler. Peter Paul Nash reviews new Stravinsky recordings. Robert Cowan looks at Furtwangler reissues.

Date: 06 Sep 1994
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1056882 Catalogue: LISC]

09.00 BBC RADIO 3 6.9.94 Composer of the Week: Maxwell Davies.
`Parody, Pavans and Popular Music'.
Donald Macleod talks to Peter Maxwell Davies about his early works and his fascination with music of the past. Purcell, arr Maxwell Davies: Pavan No 2. The Fires of London/Maxwell Davies. Five Pieces, Op 2. John Ogdon (piano). Missa super L'Homme arme (excerpt). Vanessa Redgrave (narrator), The Fires of London/Maxwell Davies. St Thomas Wake: foxtrot for orchestra. BBC Philharmonic/Maxwell Davies. Orchestra/Simon Rattle. 10.00 BBC RADIO 3 6.9.94 Musical Encounters. 10.00 Berlioz: Overture `Beatrice and Benedict'. Italian Swiss Radio Orchestra/Serge Baudo. 10.10 Chopin: Rondo in E flat, Op 16. Vladimir Ashkenazy (piano). 10.20 John David Heinichen: Cantata `Clori e Tirsi'. Nancy Argenta (soprano), Nigel Short (alto), Cappella Coloniensis/Hans-Martin Linde. 10.40 Jean Clergue: Sarabande and Rigaudon. Hakan Hardenberger (trumpet), John Constable (piano). 10.45 Vivaldi: Concerto in G minor (RV531). Peter Bruns and Jan Vogler (cellos). 11.00 Beethoven: Symphony No 4. Dresden Staatskapelle/Colin Davis. 11.40 John Foulds: Three Choruses (Hippolytus). St Angela's Singers/Peter Broadbent.

Untitled (same recording?)
Date: 06 Sep 1994
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1056883 Catalogue: LISC]

10.45 BBC RADIO 3 6.9.94 .. Artists of the Week: Dresden Staatskapelle.
Vivaldi Concerto for 2 cellos in G minor (RV531). Peter Bruns and Jan Vogler (cellos). 11.00 Beethoven Symphony No 4 in B flat. conductor Sir Colin Davis. 11.40 John Foulds Three Choruses from the ``Hippolytus'' (Euripides), Op 84b. St Angela's Singers, conductor Peter Broadbent 12.00 BBC RADIO 3 6.9.94 Music Restored. York Early Music Festival. David Fallows introduces music for the Mass for the Nativity of the Virgin as sung at the Notre Dame, Paris around 1200. Ensemble Organum. (Broadcast yesterday 11.30pm) 13.00 BBC RADIO 3 6.9.94 News; Manchester International Cello Festival 1994. The final programme from last April's festival in the Royal Northern College of Music. BBC Philharmonic Orchestra/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Dvorak: Silent Woods. Frans Helmerson. Bruch: Kol Nidrei. Boris Pergamenshikow. Bartok: Viola Concerto. Janos Starker. Wyner: Prologue and Narrative (first performance). Ralph Kirschbaum. Lalo: Cello Concerto in D minor. Yo-Yo Ma.

Date: 10 Dec 1995
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1080356 Catalogue: LISC]

13.00 BBC RADIO 3 10.12.95 News; Fairest Isle Songbook
Iain Burnside talks to Harrison Birtwistle and introduces the first performance of a new song specially written for the programme. 13.15 BBC RADIO 3 10.12.95 Fairest Isle. `No New Possibilities? Think of That!'. Calum Macdonald considers the contribution to British life of John Foulds, composer, radical thinker and early pioneer of non-western musical possibilities. 13.45 BBC RADIO 3 10.12.95 The Sunday Concert. LSO at the Barbican. Colin Davis's first concert as principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. Luciana D'Intino (mezzo), Laurence Dale (tenor), Miguel Angel Zapater (bass), London Symphony Chorus. Berlioz: Dramatic Symphony `Romeo et Juliette'. 15.35 BBC RADIO 3 10.12.95 Spirit of the Age. `Music and Poetry for a Medieval Christmas'. Live from Westminster Cathedral Hall, Christopher Page and Eamon Duffy introduce chant and vocal music for Advent, performed by members of Westminster Cathedral Choir, director James O'Donnell. (Fairest Isle season)

Date: 06 Aug 1998
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1130694 Catalogue: LISC]

17.00 BBC RADIO 3 6.8.98 In Tune
Sean Rafferty talks to Dmitri Sitkovetsky about his career as a violinist and now principal conductor with the Ulster Orchestra. He also talks to Neil Hannon about the Divine Comedy's new pop album `Fin de siecle', which mixes razor-sharp lyrics with lush orchestrations and choral voices. Music includes Bach's motet `Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf', Brahms's Rhapsody No 2 in G minor, and, at about 6.35, Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No 1. 19.00 BBC RADIO 3 6.8.98 BBC Proms 98. Live from the Royal Albert Hall, London. The glories of British orchestral tradition are explored in Walton's stirring portrait of a youthful warrior king, Robert Simpson's rousing concerto, a pioneering work by John Foulds (a younger contemporary of Elgar) and Elgar's masterly variations - still the enigma they were a century ago. Piers Lane (soprano), the Joyful Company of Singers, BBC Concert Orchestra/Barry Wordsworth. Walton: Suite `Henry V'. Robert Simpson: Piano Concerto.

Date: 06 Aug 1998
No Cprd ref [Cat num: 1130695 Catalogue: LISC]
Subcat: BDSPROG Screen type: 1

19.45 BBC RADIO 3 6.8.98 Who Was John Foulds?. Malcolm MacDonald presents a portrait of the English composer (1880-1939), who spent much of his life in France and India. 20.05 BBC RADIO 3 6.8.98 Concert, part 2. Foulds: Three Mantras. Elgar: Enigma Variations. 21.20 BBC RADIO 3 6.8.98 Postscript. Private View. Five programmes this week in which Nicholas Ward-Jackson explores the contemporary art world. In the fourth programme, he talks to Ilya and Emilia Kabakov as they race against time to install their Palace of Projects inside London's Roundhouse. In its 67 rooms, fictitious characters dream and scheme their way to the end of the century. (R) 21.45 BBC RADIO 3 6.8.98 Images of the Far East. Piano music by Debussy inspired by the sounds of the Javanese gamelan.

Untitled [for ref?]
Date: 29 Apr 1999
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1172562 Catalogue: LISC]

06.00 BBC RADIO 3 29.4.99 On Air
Petroc Trelawny presents music and arts news, including a report from Birmingham on a community performance of Philip Glass's opera `Satyagraha', about Gandhi. 6.10 Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto in C, RV449. 7.15 Lennox Berkeley: Serenade for strings. 7.15 Offenbach: La belle Helene (excerpt). Roberto Alagna (tenor). 09.00 BBC RADIO 3 29.4.99 Masterworks. With Peter Hobday. John Foulds: April-England. ASMF/Neville Marriner. 9.08 Corelli: Concerto grosso in C, Op 6 No 10. Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra/Nicholas McGegan. 9.21 Copland: Suite `Billy the Kid'. New York PO/Leonard Bernstein. 9.42 Mozart: Horn Concerto No 1 in D, K412. David Jolley, Orpheus CO. 9.52 Rubbra: Symphony No 8 (Homage to Teilhard de Chardin). BBC NOW/Richard Hickox. 10.17 Corelli: Concerto grosso in B flat, Op 6 No 11. La Petite Bande/Sigiswald Kuijken

Untitled [for ref]
Date: 30 Oct 2000
No Cprd ref. [Cat num: 1704476 Catalogue: LISC]

17.00 BBC RADIO 3 30.10.00 In Tune. With Humphrey Carpenter.
5.00 Vivaldi: Overture (The Coronation of Dario). I Solisti Veneti/Claudio Scimone. 5.45 Glazunov: Mazurek. Itzhak Perlman (violin), Abbey Road Ensemble/Lawrence Foster. 6.00 Chabrier: Bouree fantasque. Pierre Barbizet (piano). (6.00 News) 19.30 BBC RADIO 3 30.10.00 Performance on 3. CBSO and Chorus/Sakari Oramo. Elgar: Overture `Cockaigne'. Britten: Serenade. Mark Padmore (tenor), Radovan Vlatkovic (tenor). Vaughan Williams: Toward the Unknown Region. John Foulds: Three Mantras. 21.10 BBC RADIO 3 30.10.00 Let It Be!. A sequence of Beatles hits arranged for unaccompanied voices by Stephen Jackson. Performed by Margaret Feaviour (soprano), Judith Harris (mezzo), Neil MacKenzie (tenor), Stephen Charlesworth (baritone), BBC Singers/Stephen Jackson.

Untitled [for ref]
Date: 05 Mar 2000
No Cprd ref [Cat num: 1266046 Catalogue: LISC]

23.15 BBC RADIO 3 5.3.00 World Music: Stars over Lebanon
Aref Hijjawi presents the first in a series of four programmes about the musical life of Beirut. For decades Beirut was the thriving centre for Arabic music-making, and Beirut's singers became stars in the Arab world. Then came the conflict, and although Lebanon is still technically at war, Beirut has enjoyed a few years of peace, and music is flourishing again. Aref Hijjawi meets some of Beirut's star performers who are again thrilling audiences with some of the world's most exciting and seductive music. 23.45 BBC RADIO 3 5.3.00 Mikrokosmos. Dezso Ranki (piano). Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Book VI (excs). 24.00 BBC RADIO 3 5.3.00 BBC Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Martyn Brabbins. Stuart MacRae: Stirling Choruses. Tippett: Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli. Elizabeth Layton and Sarah Ewins (violins), Josephine Knight (cello). John Foulds: Music Pictures, Group 3

Untitled [for ref??]
Date: 22 Jul 2000
No Cprd ref [Cat num: 1346743 Catalogue: LISC]

06.00 BBC RADIO 3 22.7.00 Morning on 3. With Fiona Talkington
Bach: Violin Concerto in E, BWV1042. La Petite Bande/Sigiswald Kuijken (violin). 6.50 J Strauss (father): Kettenbrucke Waltz; Eisele und Beisele Sprunge. Willi Boskovsky Ensemble. 7.00 Mozart: Piano Concerto No 16 in D, K451. Andras Schiff, Salzburg Camerata Academica/Sandor Vegh. 7.40 Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet before Parting (Romeo and Juliet). Boris Berman (piano). 8.00 Boyce: Symphony No 1 in B flat. English Concert/Trevor Pinnock. 8.40 Piazzolla: Three Tangos. Astor Piazzolla (bandoneon), South West German Radio Orchestra/Emmerich Smola. 09.00 BBC RADIO 3 22.7.00 Summer CD Review. Geoffrey Smith replays top recordings, including Building a Library winners. Bernstein: Candide Overture. 9.10 Mozart: Kegelstatt Trio, K498. 9.35 Bellini: Norma (exc). 10.00 Saint-Saens: Violin Concerto No 1. 10.15 Bach: Cantata No 179. 10.30 Foulds: English Tune with Burden. 10.35 Copland: Dance Episodes (Rodeo).