Author's intentions

The John Foulds website you are viewing has been constructed to fill a perceived small gap in the coverage of the lesser-known British composers of the twentieth century. With some interest in the life and an enthusiasm for the music of Foulds I set about searching out what there was to be found by and about him and posting it here for others of similar bent to use in their independent exploration. I do not intend to add much in the way of criticism or analysis (the two being closely linked in my view), particularly as my own knowledge and understanding of the composer and his music are not deep enough to provide any more than narrow insight. Much of what is here is work in progress. This is not a professional publication, and neither is it strictly a fan site; in places I note what I myself have found, and this has been noted both for my own benefit and to give readers the confidence to e-mail for further information about the item's content and where to find it if it appears helpful. If I have missed anything, been inaccurate or stepped on toes, I'd be grateful for any notification. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour on your behalf.

Ian aka Bluntinstrument

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