Batman Returns on DVD and CD

DVD Tracks
DVD Counter Reading. (CD music in red-type)
1 00'00-2'21 = CD track 1 Opening Bat-motif (ex1), shifting smoothly into the Penguin’s birth and disposal (Grimm’s fairy tales as they should be: the childish motif of The Penguin dominates)
2 2'22-5'15 = CD2 Opening credits with the Penguin’s crib floating through the sewers (Train-like music; Batman theme)
3 6'05 Gotham: Penguin watches the lighting of the tree; Alfred passing with his Christmas shopping (Penguin theme + jaunty clarinet music for Alfred)
4 6'51 Introducing Max Shreck (rather mad music, a-thematic, full of weird wind passages)

9'12-17 Penguin’s shadow in sewers (brief variant of the Penguin motif)

11'03-30 (more Penguin mumbling)

11'30- [6] 12'24 Pandemonium in a Box (circus music)


12'24 Sending the signal (Batman motif)

... cuts back (to circus music in Gotham; Batman motif stages an entrance)

... 13'28 cut briefly to sewers (during this the Penguin motif)

... 15'28 first hint of Catwoman music (whining strings) after Batman saves Selina from shock treatment; music ends 15'40


16'33-17'18 Penguin catches Max; 16'47 we circle over the Zoo to Penguin’s home Arctic World; we enter his cave lair and meet the circus. This is a short cue, but fantastic music, coloured by the Penguin motif. It replaces the first 36 seconds of CD3 - which synch in perfectly with the film.

... 17'18-22'12 = CD3(second half)-4 Penguin and Max make an agreement (Penguin motif; follows his speeches closely, from his desire to re-emerge to the incentives he presents to Shreck)


24'14-33 Selina “boning up” at Shrecks (subdued strings with hints of the CW motif, but in tones, not semi-tones)

26'46-55 False alarm: Max pretends to have joked about killing Selina


(end of DVD9) 27'12-28'22 = CD5 Selina revived by cats (percussion and strings in harmonics/trill/glissandi mode: one of first signs of Elfman’s intention of further experimentalism?)

28'22-32'27 = CD6 Selina cracks up (eeriness, poignancy: strings, harp and celesta)


32'39 Penguin prepares his public entrance (Penguin motif)

... 33'06 Circus minion steals the mayor’s baby

33'20-34'20 Penguin handed baby and rises to the city square (grand/triumphal music using Penguin theme; ends with organ)

36'10-36'36 Working in the Hall of Records (Penguin motif)

36'36-36'50 research in the Batcave (Batman motif)

37'29-[12] 40'14 = CD7 Newspaper article on Penguin’s suspicious circus past; Batman driving through Gotham; Penguin in cemetary. (Penguin motif, dark, picking up harmonic/orchestral weight; lavish and romantic at the cemetary)

12 41'09-14 End of the Penguin’s cemetary speech

... 41'16 newspaper headlines

... 41'29-42'23 Catwoman saves woman (Catwoman music)

14 43'52-44'27 Selina escorting Bruce from Schreck’s building (plenty of wining strings, low and flutter-tonguing flutes, harp: sensual?)

46'30-4':04 = CD10 Penguin led to election campaign by Shreck (Penguin motif with lots of low harp, bass clarinet, bassoons, etc. a touch of circus music for the “extended family”; 48'01: the campaign! orchestral fanfare)

51'10-51'28 Schreck convincing the Penguin

16 ... "burn baby burn"... Batman vs. the Circus = CD9 (Batman motif added to CD track before fugato Batman vs. Circus scene, but otherwise the same: circus music battling the Batman motif in one of the few extended action scenes)
17 53'28- [18] 56'28 = CD8 3:24-end Catwoman trashes “Shreck’s” (to the sounds of wining strings, CW themes and motif etc.); cuts to Batman finishing off the circus (54'50-55'16: Batman motif dominates over circus), then back to Catwoman; Batman meets the Penguin, surveying the scene (Penguin theme), and Catwoman makes her explosive entrance (55'26-56'28)

56'35- [19] 58'42 = CD8 00'00-01'51 “I saw her first” Catwoman loses the Penguin and battles Batman on the rooftops (CW music (exs 4a and 5)  with brass/percussive edge; 58'10 oboe enters and heralds the Batman motif)

59:25-59'32 Batman scrutinises the cat claw (CW motif)


59:33-1:00:15 Penguin charming the voters (grand music: brass and conventional percussion)

1:02'48-1:04'19 = CD8 1'51-3'24 Catwoman swallows a nice birdy and makes a pact with the Penguin (flute, strings; moving to Penguin motif from low harp; ends with Penguin theme with CW theme ex4a motif variant interpolation)

21 1:06'18-1:07'02 (smoother version of Cat motif) ... 1:06'27-1:07'02 Penguin kidnaps the Ice Princess
22 1:07'33-1:09'50 = CD12 Selina and Bruce get it together in his mansion. NB Catwoman music softly pervays, although at 1:08'05 & 1:08'28 the strings touch onto the Batman theme as Bruce glosses over his Batman duality, then stronger as the “sicko” and Selina kiss.

1:11'27-1:11'19 Bruce and Selina get into their costumes (contrasting of dark Batman motif and panicky Catwoman music); cut to Gotham City Plaza

1:12'41-1:13'00- the Circus make “improvements” to the Batmobile


1:13'00-48 Batman reaches the rooftops to view the ceremony, with strong Batman music (1:13'20-32 Circus a work on the Batmobile); ends with Catwoman’s entrance

1:14'18- [25] 1:18'51 = CD13 (1:17'45-1:18'11 not on CD) Batman escapes the rooftops; Catwoman is killed again (the whole caboodle: circus music, Batman music, Penguin music variant with chorus for the death of the Ice Princess, CW motif and theme 4a)

26 1:18'56-1:23'02 = CD14 Wild Ride (circus and Penguin music using woodwind, with the Batman motif taking the brass; inexplicably CW motif and ex4a in strings enters as Penguin says he’s “played this stinkin’ city like a harp from hell”)
27-28 1:24'29- [28] 1:28'33 = CD11 Bruce and Alfred foil the Penguin’s pans to become mayor: the Penguin escapes back to the sewers (the action is followed in kind by the Penguin motif in various guises)

1:30'10-1:30'56 Party music for Max Shreck’s fancydress ball (sax, guitars, piano)

1:30'57- [30] 1:34'03   =  CD21 (there is a short bridging passage as Selina shows Bruce her gun 1:32'41-1:33'12, before the music cuts back to the end of the song, then after a short string passage, the song cuts back in briefly -- just before the explosion that send everyone flying)


1:34'10-49 The Penguin makes his entrance (flmboyant, trumpet driven Penguin theme emerges with the character in his duck)

1:35'27- [31] 1:36'40 The Penguin barters with Shreck over his son; [31] Shreck and Penguin return to the Arctic World

31 1:36'42-1:38'22 = CD 15 0:00-1:44 “A little pied Penguin action” (at 1:37'05 the shift from celesta to orchestra is slightly different to that on CD)
32-33 1:38'22-1:44'09 = CD 15 1:44-end of track; CD 16 The Penguin army fails to invade, and Batman closes in (grand-finale music incorporating Batman and Penguin music: military/war-like tone: use of brass, percussion, piccolo, bells, organ, etc.)

1:44:37-54 The Penguin fights Batman above ground

1:44'55- [37] 1:50'55 = CD 17 [check for any additions to the CD version??] (all thematic elements, minus circus music; the latter part dominated with CW music, including a welcome return of ex4b)

37 1:50'55-1:53'25 = CD 18 The Penguin’s last moments before a funeral at sea (the Penguin motif takes on a style similar to Arvo Pärt’s Cantus in Memorium Benjamin Britten)

1:53'25-1:55'36 = CD19 (Pathetic ending: resigned tone of Batman motif together with soft Catwoman music: motif, variant of ex4a sounding very similar in shape to Batman motif at c1:54'30 -- and shifting into it, then 4b; Batman motif herlds...)

1:55'36-1:59'09 [39] = CD 20 Gotham cuts to end credits. (Reprise of themes and motifs in their most clearly defined form)

39 1:59'10-2:01'05 = CD 21 (Song “Face to Face” complete with effective Catwoman motif interjections from strings)

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