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The author's credentials and educational history are outlined here in some detail, hopefully enough to satisfy interest from any quarter, but if further data is required, please do not hesitate to make contact by e-mailing.

Name Ian Davis
Address London
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Web Aliases to Date Englishman, Blofeld, Bluntinstrument
Contributions BRIO (Journal of British Music Librarians), The Elfman Zone (ed. Tim Perrine)
Subject Specialisms Film music, William Alwyn, Anton Bruckner
Qualifications BMus (Hons) First Class, MMus Historical Musicology, MA Information Management

I am 27 years old and currently living in South London, working as a cataloguer at the British Library Sound Archive. I spend most of my time cataloguing the CD-R dubbings of the Sound Archive's own collections and older acquisitions, but take time out to tidy up and catalogue new entries for film music recordings, since most of the catalogue's raw data originates from an external database source that is ill-fitting to film music as a genre.

Having taken a degree in the subject at Royal Holloway (London), I chose to continue my studies there by taking a Masters, concentrating on historical musicology, as opposed to composition or performing (at both of which I am of only moderate competence). Deciding to apply my experiences, I then took a further Masters in Information Management (i.e. Librarianship with a fancy name and lack of cataloguing training) at North London University. My long-term ambition is to get a decently paid librarian or archivist post at a non-commercial music collection, but these posts usually only materialise when the previous holder is taken out feet first.

And while I wait, I've decided to apply my spare time to this website. I have varied interests in music, beginning inexpliccably as a lover of Bruckner symphonies and ending up (still enjoying Bruckner!) in the realm of film music, with a particular taste for Danny Elfman. I DO listen to some popular music, I DO like both classical and film music, I DO like the blues, and when the mood takes me I try playing them all at once to see whether my head explodes.

Seriously, though, the amalgam of fan material and strict essay at bluntinstrument.org.uk is designed to house my content rather than any particular audience. And I have a particular penchant for stark colour schemes... or had you not noticed?