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Site contains any of the following: a bio, discog, news, pictures, tracklists, etc.
Site contain reviews of Elfman music
Site contains links - although some aren't linked to me :o(
Contains any of the following: MP3s, realaudio, MIDI, etc.
Contains anything else not mentioned: discussion board, polls, etc.
Contains Oingo Boingo Info- The sites with Boingo first emphasize Boingo-Danny more than Film Score-Danny.
These sites are updated often. Go to these sites for the latest on Elfman.
These Sites are listed in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. They might be grouped someday, but part of the fun of web-browsing is the HUNT for the info you are after! Happy Hunting!
If you are the webmaster of one of these sites and your site has been wrongly labeled- be sure to e-mail me so I can fix it! Also, I'd love it if you'd return the favour and LINK TO THIS SITE!
01. Music for a Darkened People
02. MFADP - Danny Elfman Discussion Board
(part of MFADP)
03. The Illustrated Danny Elfman Discography
04. Elfmania Internet Club
05. Tender Lumpling's Treasure Chest
06. Filmtracks' Danny Elfman Tribute
07. Ed Alchemist's Danny Elfman Shrine
08. Dan's Boingo Page
09. Pampyra's Oingo Boingo Yahoo! Group
10. From Mystic Knights to Hollywood Lights
11. Scoresheet
12. Brian Irwin's Danny Elfman Info Section
13. Fool's Paradise (has pic for Face Like A Frog)
14. Michelle Keefer's Danny Elfman Page
15. Skin and Bones
16. Mary's Tribute to Danny Elfman
17. Celluloid Tunes
18. Oingo Boingo at Tangento's
19. Piano Themes (fka Cerulean Pictures)
20. Box Office History: Danny Elfman
(Box office takings)
21. Run-downs: Pee-wee's big adventure
ARTICLES (cue-by-cue analysis)
22. Nicky Matthew's Danny Elfman Temple
23. Lair2000 Nightmare Before Christmas .midis
24. Danny Elfman FAQ
25. ZaxPax Nightmare Before Christmas .midis
26. Danny Elfman Page [pandora.be]
27. Music from the Movies [Elfman page]
28. Dennis Hazenoot's Danny Elfman site
29. TraxZone: Elfman [French score site]
30. Danny Elfman on Squidoo
[NEW] 31. Viva Danny Elfman [English/Indonesian]

Specialised Links

1. Halloweentown
2. Richard Elfman's Lounge
3. Steve Bartek (official site)