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Due to excessive artistic inspiration the Elfman Zone message board has been subject to all kinds of boring-to-funny-bone-challenging header pictures recently. Missed any? Here they are, with "artist" credits (so you can stalk them and nail bunnies to their doors with meat cleavers. Or something.
The message board currently resides at: http://disc.server.com/Indices/222050.html
(It's old location, still knocking around with millions of pop-up adverts, is at http://disc.server.com/Indices/67348.html - ahh, happy memories)
My best one. Mostly because the original picture is a classic.
Blue Sky has the hots for Sally, but don't tell him I said.
Okay, I ripped off Tim's original, and managed to turn the entire site into an over-ripe tomatoe for two whole days.
Unfortunately my editing skills didn't allow me to lower Peter's head any further...
Everybody loves Stainboy. And everybody has known one at some time or other. My edit!
Noone could guess I live in London...
Below is a steady stream of Blue Sky engineering. The man needs to get laid. Now. (N.B. Non-UK people may find the humour here somewhat baffling)
Blue Sky's good-un, after our very own Marge's pestering.
Happy now, LM?

My favourite hommage to the little green man... x 3
>>> These three pics are mine, and I'll eat your liver with chianti if you try telling me they aren't funny... [insert Dr Evil laugh here]
It was the worst acident I ever seen.....It sounded like a garbege truck being thrown off the Empire State building....And when they pulled the body from the burning wreck.... it looked like this!!! Muahahahah!!!!
Click here to view the glory that is the animated LARGE MARGE, courtesy of i-mockery.com. 61Kb

What can I say?

Apologies for this one. It isn't even as if I remember where I stole it from.
Sounds a bit American if you ask me...
This little collection of four are mine. All miiiine.

> and ^ are credited to Dumont. A career in PR awaits...
From Jessica Weaver. Click above for the original image sent (together with her instructions)
Bluntinstrument keeping a creful eye on the Corpse Crew
Blunt not corpsing at all
Blunt likes Danny's Benny Herrmann impressions
Yes, I know. None of these are remotely funny, but they were all hurriedly assembled for each mini update made during October 2006's flurry of updates. And now they languish...
yes, start wrestling in pale blue stretchy-pants, and
you too could be cheered on by hot sexy groupies like this!!
Elfman checks the "jobs vacant" supplement in his local.
Source: SFX Magasine
Obviously not a fan effort, but classic nonetheless.
No idea where this came from.
^^^ Crude but effective
<<< Big, crude, but effective.
I forget, but I think the punchline was "oil be baaack" in classic Arnie style.

Lost my sense of humour on this one..
Really looking for some picture-mash or funny-caption ones from people!!
Anything related to Elfman and his films.
Found: One film.
Amazing what you can do with 9 fingers, a graphics editor, a bit of nerve and a fetish for aqua blue tights.
Thanks, 9fingeredelf. Our prayers are with you. ;o)
Doggie!! I love doggies.

Not just a film: a treasure trove for parody.