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Spy Kids

Music composed by Danny Elfman, John Debney, Gavin Greenaway, Heitor Pereira, Robert Rodriguez, Chris Boardman, Harry Gregson Williams and Marcel Rodriguez
Label: Chapter III (CH 30002-2)
Orchestrated by: John Debney, Bruce Fowler, Ladd McIntosh, and Don Nemitz
Mixed by: Alan Myerson and John Kurlander
Produced by: Robert Rodriguez
Groovy Yak's Rating: * * *
Ian Davis' Rating: * *


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Track Samples

1. Buddy Pack Escape (1'37") 396k
2. Floop's Song (Cruel World) (1'00") 246k
3. Spy Wedding (not by Elfman) (1'10") 286k

Track Listing

01. Cortez Family (1'38")
Composed by GG, HP and HGW
02. My Parents Are Spies (2'07")
Composed by Danny Elfman

03. Spy Wedding (2'09")
Composed by Los Lobos, RR and MR
04. Spy Kids Demonstration (1'03") Composed by JD, RR and MR
05. Parents On A Mission (1'15")
Composed by JD, DE, GG and HP

06. Kids Escape House (3'12")
Composed by GG and HP

07. Pod Chase (1'37")
Composed by JD, DE and HGW
08. The Safehouse (45")
Composed by JD and DE
09. The Third Brain (58")
Composed by JD, RR and MR
10. Buddy Pack Escape (1'37")
Composed by Danny Elfman

11. Oye Como Spy (2'57")
Composed by
David Garza, RR,
Performed by Los Lobos

12. Floop's Song (Cruel World) (0:58")
Words and Music by Danny Elfman,
Performed by Alan Cumming

13. Spy Go Round (2'10")
Composed by GG and HP
14. Minion (1'02")
Composed by CB, GG, HP and RR
15. Sneaking Around Machetes (0'34")
Composed by Danny Elfman
16. The Spy Plane (1'27")
Composed by JD and DE
17. Floop's Castle (1'27")
Composed by Chris Boardman
18. Final Family Theme (1'40")
Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams

19. Spy Kids (Save The World) (2'20")
Performed and Arranged by Fonda
Total running time: (31'09")