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Spider-Man 2

Music composed by Danny Elfman
Label: Sony Music Soundtrax
Orchestrated by: Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, David Slonaker, Mark McKenzie
Additional orchestration: Marc Mann
Additional music: (not on album) by: Christogher Young and John Debney are credited on film

Conducted by: Pete Anthony
Recorded: Sony Pictures Scoring Stage, Culver City, California, United States
Mixed by: Denis Sands
Produced by: Danny Elfman
Release date: 2004.07.14/27 (international variations)


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Track Samples

03. Doc Ock is born (0'45") 538k
(includes Doc Ock theme)
09. He's back! (1'07") 797k
(includes re-working of Spidy1 end credits)
10. Train / Appreciation (1'34") 1,107k
(stopping the train+beginning of aftermath)
These are decent quality samples but do not constitute complete tracks.

Extra details

The best thing about the 'Hollywood Studio Symphony' union way of recording is that the orchestra members are detailed in liner notes. Excellent for any enthusiast! Here's the details:
Violins (30), violas (14), cellos (14), double basses (8), flutes (3), oboes (2), clarinets (3), bassoons (3), horns (12), trumpets (4), trombones (6), tubas (2), percussion (5), timpani, harps (2), 01 piano, 01 EVI
Result: a well-proportioned orchestra with an emphasis on brass and percussion, but not grotesquely so.Presumably a chorus was used?

Score published by Solpix Music, Inc.

On film: cues scored by other composers and credited:
"Demonstration" and "Runaway train" - Christopher Young and Danny Elfman
"Special delivery" and "Take girl" - John Debney
Pre-existing song "Raindrops keep falling on my head" was even included on the score CD, though added by the editor. Perhaps the film was even slow-moed slightly to fit the rhythm of the music.

The DVD, released 2004.11, contains a documentary that includes a section on sound and music. Images include the orchestra playing, cue sheets, a page of score, and Elfman interviewed. Since this time, though, more enlightening interviews with Elfman and Young have touched on the approach the music took and the background to the new cues written for scenes in the movie

Track Listing

01. Spider-Man 2 main title (3'21")
02. M.J.'s new life / Spidus interruptus (2'32")
03. Doc Ock is born (2'23")
04. Angry arms / Rebuilding (2'51")
05. A phone call / The wrong kiss / Peter's birthday (2'07")
06. The bank / Saving May (4'27")
07. The mugging / Peter's turmoil (3'22")
08. Doc Ock's machine (1'42")
09. He's back! (1'50")
10. Train / Appreciation (6'16")**
11. Aunt May packs (2'51")**
12. Armageddon / A really big web! (6'28")
13. The Goblin returns (1'37")
14. At long last, love (2'59")
15. Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
[by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, performed by B. J. Thomas] (3'14")
Total running time: (48'00"); score (44'46")
** Bonus tracks not used in the film

Pop-heavy album
01. Vindicated (3'19")
02. Ordinary (3'33")
03. Did you (3'18")
04. Hold on (4'03")
05. Gifts and curses (5'07")
06. Woman (5'07")
07. This photograph is proof (I know you know) (4'12")
08. Give it up (3'42")
09. Lucky you (4'25")
10. Who I am (3'414")
11. The night that the lights went out in NYC (3'35")
12. Mean't to live (3'22")
13. We are (3'55")
14. Someone to die for (5'07")
15. Spidey suite [Elfman] (4'00")
16. Doc Ock suite [Elfman] (3'54")

17. She spider (4'37") [some albums only]
Total running time: (1:08'37")