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Nacho Libre soundtrack CD cover
CD Cover

Nacho Libre

Music composed by various artists including Danny Elfman and Back Hansen
Label: Lakeshore Records: LKS 338832
Orchestrated by: Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, Marc Mann
Conducted by: Blake Neely and Pete Anthony (on separate days)
Mixed by: Dennis Sands


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Track Samples

Ramses suite (1'00") 705k
"I hate all the orphans" (from film, at ca.58'00") 164k

Did you know...

  • Elfman originally contributed and recorded (2006.05) a full score to the film as a replacement to that of the director's original choice, Beck, at the request of Paramount Studios. However, much of Elfman's score was in turn replaced and the finished print incorporated much by Beck, Elfman and other artists, as witnessed by the CD release. Elfman requested his credit be removed from the opening of the film (it is uncomfirmed whether this was for accuracy's sake or to avoid double-billing with Beck). The closing credits are therefore quite a sight, and greatly help place Elfman's music in the film:

    The saint
    Nacho in alley
    Nacho fight
    Super Nacho
    Satan's cavemen
    My life is good
    Street brawl
    Gypsy idea
    Echos of Ramses
    Stand off
    Encarnacion in kitchen
    Candle walk
    Nacho's letter
    Ramses prepares
    Death march
    Ramses starts to win

  • Full Elfman DVD credits indicate that Marc Mann not only helped orchestrate the score but handled synth programming and choir conducting duties. The score was recorded at Scoring Stage M at Paramount Pictures

  • Song credits here

  • Elfman's score was recorded by a 65-piece orchestra, featuring guitars, an accordion, harmonica, celeste, pipes and choir (Soundtrack.net)

Track Listing

01. Hombre Religioso (Religious Man)
(Mr. Loco)
02. "A Nice Pile-Drive To The Face"
Nacho (Dialog)
03. Move, Move, Move
(Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker)
04. Papas
(Mr. Loco)
05. Singing At The Party
(Jack Black with Ismael Garcia Ruiz Y Su Trio)

06. Ramses Suite
(Danny Elfman)

07. "All The Orphans In The World"
Nacho & Esqueleto (Dialog)
08. There Is No Place In This World For Me
09. "I'm Serious
Nacho (Dialog)
10. 10,000 Pesos
11. Irene
Caetano Veleso
12. Pump A Jam (Ramses)
13. Black Is Black
Eddie Santiago
14. Half Forgotten Daydreams
John Cameron
15. Encarnación
Jack Black
16. Tender Beasts Of The Spangled Night
17. Saint Behind The Glass
Los Lobos
18. "Beneath The Clothes We Find The Man..."
Nacho (Dialog)
19. Forbidden Nectar
Jack Black & Mucho Macho Acapulco
Total running time: 45'35"
Elfman music running time: 3'09"