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Score music composed by Danny Elfman
Label: Decca Records
Orchestrated by: Steve Bartek (lead orchestrator), Edgardo Simone, David Slonaker, Bruce Fowler, Mark McKenzie, Jeff Atmajian, Pete Anthony, Robert Elhai
Conducted by: Pete Anthony
Mixed by: Dennis Sands
Produced by: Danny Elfman


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Track Samples

07. Hulk Out! (0'55") 433k
10. Gentle Giant (0'28") 224k
13. Hulk's Freedom (1'00") 476k
Elfman's temp main title

Extra details

Although the CD mentions nothing of it, the film's end credits include details of non-Elfman music:
'Mother' by Mychael Danna
(featuring vocals by Natacha Atlas)
'Hulk escapes' by Danny Elfman,
Don Harper and Trevor Morris
'Song for classical guitar' by Marc Ferrari and Don Great (performed by Don Great, courtesy of Marc Ferrari / Tinseltown Music)

The Elfman Zone Archive currently includes a copy of excerpts from an interview in which Danny Elfman reminisces on his involvement in Hulk. Click here.

An illegal VCD of what may be an early test screening of the film exists. It includes unpolished special effects, and a score which appears to mix Elfman's music (the main titles at least) with a different score, though whether it is a temp track or Danna's original has not been confirmed.

Track Listing

01. Main titles (4'36")
02. Prologue (4'38")
03. Betty's dream (2'14")
04. Bruce's memories (2'45")
05. Captured (3'41")
06. Dad's visit (2'15")
07. Hulk out! (4'00")
08. Father knows best (3'34")
09. ... Making me angry (4'02")
10. Gentle giant (1'02")
11. Hounds of hell (3'47")
12. The truth revealed (4'19")
13. Hulk's freedom (2'36")
14. A man again (7'48")
15. The lake battle (4'32")
16. The aftermath (0'56")
17. The phone call (1'34")
18. End credits (1'13")
19. Set me free (4'09") (Scott Weiland, Slash..)
Total running time: 1:03'42"
(Score: 59'33")