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Score music composed by Danny Elfman
Label: Epic / Sony Music Soundtrax
Orchestrated by: Steve Bartek, Bruce Fowler
Conducted by: Steve Bartek
Mixed by: Dennis Sands
Produced by: Danny Elfman
Star Rating: TBC


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Track Samples

16. Roxie's suite 1'07" (531kb) [MP3]

Track Listing

01. Overture / And All That Jazz
02. Funny Honey
03. When You're Good To Mama
04. Cell Block Tango
05. All I Care About
06. We Both Reached For The Gun
07. Roxie
08. I Can't Do It Alone
09. Mister Cellophane
10. Razzle Dazzle
11. Class
12. Nawadays (Roxie)
13. Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag
14. I Move On
15. After Midnight [score]
16. Roxie's Suite [score]

17. Cell Block Tango (Queen Latifah..)
18. Love Is A Crime (Anastacia)
Total running time: (1:10'17"; score 7'23")