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Charlotte's Web

Music composed by Danny Elfman
Label: Sony Classical 88697-02989-2
Orchestrated by: Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, David Slonaker, Marc Mann
Conducted by: Pete Anthony
Mixed by: Dennis Sands
Produced by: Danny Elfman


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Track Samples

6. Templeton (0'40") 473k
7. The plan begins [pt2] (0'57") 674k
7. The plan begins [pt3] (1'06") 782k
9. The word spreads (1'06") 781k

Honourable mentions

KCRW got Elfman to show some of his work in progress in this short clip (2'08") 1.96Mb

Track Listing

01. Main title
02. The introduction
03. Lullaby / Escape
Lullaby performed by Dakota Fanning
04. Introducing Charlotte
05. In the mud
06. Templeton
07. The plan begins
08. "Some pig"
09. The word spreads
10. The fall montage
11. The dump
12. "Radiant"
13. The big day
14. "Humble"
15. "Terrific"
16. Farewell Charlotte
17. Wilbur's homecoming
18. Ordinary miracle
by David A Stewart, Glen Ballard
Performed by Sarah Mclachlan
Total running time: (47'20")
Score running time: (43'46")