Reviews - Big Top Pee-Wee

Review by malevolence

How many of you have the Big Top Pee Wee soundtrack? Well.... here's a tip, go out and buy it. It is worth it. Pee Wee has always existed with crazy themes, as present in his first movie, and tv show..... and who better to add to it then the man himself, Danny Elfman. And, if you can't get your hands on the soundtrack, at least rent the movie, and listen to the themes present in the background. Very good. Happy House/Pee Wee Herman had a farm are one of the funniest tracks to listen to, oddly enough.... due to the vocals of Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) and his lovable, husky voiced pig.
The best tracks on this score is Elephant Ride and Pee Wee's Love Theme....... is it odd that the music is weird, or that he actually has a love theme? Think of it as the first 50+ secs. of Martian Lounge, from the Mars Attacks soundtrack, combined with screaming oprah ladies, and the vision of elephants crossing a stream. When listening to this soundtrack, take it outside with you, and listen while sitting under a tree, looking at the clouds. Again folks, the circus tracks are also fun, since Danny Elfman has always been a pro at Circus tracks. Not to be mean, I liked this soundtrack better than Pee Wee's Great Adventure, with the exception of Clown Dream, which was Danny Elfman's Greatest orchestral tracks, in his beginning. Overall, this is a great soundtrack, and try to get it if you can.

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