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Bluntinstrument's - Danny Elfman FAQ v2.1

1. Can I send Danny Elfman e-mail through the address on this page?
No, this is the Bluntinstrument's address. I am NOT Danny Elfman, and neither am I a blood relation colleague or even passing acquaintance.
2. What is Danny Elfman's e-mail address then?
Danny Elfman does not have an e-mail address that is known to the general public.
3. Well, how can I send fan mail to Danny?
Use his agency! Here's the address:

Danny Elfman
C/O Kraft-Engel Management
15233 Ventura Blvd. Suite 200
Sherman Oaks, California 91403

(818) 380-1918

4. Is there any way that you, Bluntinstrument, the administrator of this page, can get in contact with Danny?
No, I have never met Danny or have talked with him.
5. I'm looking for one or more of these RARE Elfman soundtracks. Can you help me? Black Beauty, Nightbreed, Forbidden Zone, Midnight Run, Article 99, Dolores Claiborne, Wisdom, Good Will Hunting Promo...
These titles are out of print, but that doesn't mean you still can't find them. There are many alternatives. My best advice would be to really search every place you can think of in your area. That rare Elfman score could be anywhere, you just have to know where to look. Try supermarkets, garage sales, flea markets- any place that might sell CDs. Here's a list of URLs you can try! Commercial CD shopping sites are beginning to take advantage of second hand dealers as well as importing discs of their own, so don't miss them out.
Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.de
CD Now
CD Universe
Footlight Records
Varese Sarabande
Ebay.com / Ebay.co.uk
CD-Wow (UK-based)
Play.com (UK-based)
6. I've tried to find a copy of the movie, Forbidden Zone. Is there any place that you know of that sells this movie?
Take a look at the details from www.forbiddenzonethemovie.com archived here. You can now get yourself a piece of Elfman history!
(Thanks to Pammy and 9fingeredElf for the update).
7. I'm looking for sheet music for The Nightmare Before Christmas or other Elfman works. Do you know of any piano pieces or band arrangements that I can purchase?
There IS sheet music out there, mostly in the form of arrangements (of varying quality) for popular themes such as The Simpsons and Batman. Search or browse the TV/Movies categories of sites such as Sheetmusicplus or search for "Danny Elfman" at http://www.musicnotes.com and you should hit the jackpot.
8. What is a promo (promotional) release, and how do I get hold of them? They seem a bit expensive on ebay, so can you recommend them?
Most film composers have a number of promotional discs they distribute to competition members (such as the Oscars), publicists and future employers to convince them of the quality of their music. These discs normally contain more music than a commercial release (if there is one) and can (because of their rarity and interest) be sold for very high prices. Beware, collectors, that illegal CDRs also circulate. Whilst this cannot be condoned (someone is presumably profiting from Danny's work), these are at least cheaper for enthusiasts, and since a "promo" release generally contains music in a form which could not be distributed commercially, presumably the composer isn't losing out. Not too that there are also discs circulating of "extended scores". These very often contain music ripped from a DVD, with dialogue and sound effects removed. These are certainly illegal and cannot be condoned officially on this site, despite the illumination they represent for those who want to hear/study the score in full.
9. Is Danny related to Jenna Elfman?
Yes, Jenna is related to Danny through marriage. Jenna is married to Danny's brother's son, Bodhi. That makes Jenna his niece.
1. Now that you've answered my question(s), does that mean you don't want me to send you e-mail?
Well, you've got this far and done the right thing. If you can't see the information you want on the site, the chances are I can't help, so why not drop by the messageboard and introduce your 'damaged psyche' and Mission: Impossible. On the other hand, if you have news, a link, a review, an article, feedback on the design or content - do please e-mail and I shall always credit you on the site for anything used.
2. Can I still send you an e-mail with one of the questions mentioned above?
Yes, but I will direct you to this FAQ.
3. What if it's a question that's not on the FAQ?
Wow, you're stubborn! Yep, by all means e-mail. I don't bite! But I'm not the world's expert on Elfmania, so the message board (see item 10) is the place to go for the font of all knowledge.
4. I've found that you are DEAD WRONG about some of the issues you've mentioned in this FAQ. Can I e-mail you and correct you?
Yes, by all means. But please don't use all caps or call me names. I'm very fragile.
5. Is your site the OFFICIAL Danny Elfman page?
No, there is no "official" Danny Elfman page. There used to be an official Oingo Boingo site, but that page is pretty much closed down. There is no Elfman site out there that has been in contact with Danny Elfman. Be sure to visit my Web Links section to visit some other great Elfman-related pages.
6. I want to link to your site. Can I? Would you link to my site?
People are ALWAYS welcome to link to my site. I have never told anyone that they are not allowed to link to my site. I'd prefer that you link to my main page (http://www.bluntinstrument.org.uk/elfman), and if you want to link to any of the sub-pages I'd allow it, but would also like a link to the main page on the same document (or somewhere in the area.) I'll also link to ANY site that is somehow related to Elfman- whether it be an Oingo Boingo site or a Tim Burton site. Just tell me the URL and you'll be linked!
7. I really like the images, info and sound clips on this page. Can I use them on my own page?
Most of the images on this site are by Tim Perrine, the previous webmaster. He doesn't mind you using them. Design images can be used, but giving the site credit; CD images can be used without credit; but please download them and upload to your own server rather than linking them into your own site directly. This applies doubly with sound clips! Please do not copy-and-paste whole articles or reviews from his site, though, without permission from the authors. Contact me and I can forward your request. By all means quote small sections, though, with credit to author and site.
8. I wish I had my own site, but I don't have the time/ability/resources. What can I do?
You can contribute to this site. There are too many websites out there that only have one viewpoint and that can be quite misleading to soundtrack buyers. You shouldn't base your decision to purchase a soundtrack on one person's opinion. I strongly believe in multiple viewpoints on a score and my vision for this site is to create a Danny Elfman database with tons of facts and tons upon tons of opinions. I'll accept any review or any other contribution that I receive. (Elfman info, graphics) I only ask that the reviews are over 100 words and contain at least a trace of thought and effort. When you send me a review, be sure to state if you'd like me to include your e-mail address and give the score two 0-4 star ratings (one for the score-in-film, one for the CD recommendation) if you can.
9. I sent you an e-mail but you never responded. Are you Satan?
No, and I'm sorry if you never got a response from me. I try very hard to answer all of the mail I receive, but I occasionally miss an e-mail or two, and spam programs are sometimes over-zealous. Please forgive me, and please try resending your question or comment. Tell me that you didn't get a reply the first time, and make sure your subject header mentions Elfman or one of his scores so I can pick it out from advertisements to enlarge my "member".
10. I want to use some of Danny's recorded music in a film I'm making. Darn copyright fascists say I need to get permission or even pay to use a track. How do I do this?
You need to get in contact with a preforming rights organization - in this case the BMI (http://www.bmi.com), which hand-shakes royalities for many American composers. Contact details are:
Doreen Ringer-Ross / Linda Livingston
Los Angeles, California 90069-2211
Phone: 310-659-9109
Fax: 310-657-6947
Ok, thanks Blunt. I really appreciate this FAQ. I think I'll worship you.
Oh, you don't need to worship me or shower me with gifts. I'll be trying to add some links to CD sellers from reviews soon - if you find a review helpful, do use the link when buying the album. I'll get half a penny from the vendor which will go towards the £100 per year I pay for this webspace!
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