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I know there have been many more contributors to this site! If you've helped Tim in the past, let me know so I can add you to the list!


About the Reviewers -

Nearly all Danny Elfman scores have been (or are in the process of being) reviewed. 95% of the scores have been reviewed by me or previous webmaster and site creator/designer Tim Perrine. Before you read our opinions, we'd like you to look at our, um, credentials.

Tim Perrine (aka Groovy Yak)

Residency: Jackson/East Lansing, MI, USA
Born: 1977
Musical Training: Earning Bmus in Composition, Michigan State University
Favourite Classical Composers: Stravinsky, Dvorak, Saint-Saens, Mahler, Brahms, Prokofiev
Favourite Film Composers: Elfman, Williams, Goldenthal, Arnold, Herrmann
Favourite Elfman Film Scores: Batman, Mission: Impossible, Edward Scissorhands, Black Beauty

Ian Davis (aka Bluntinstrument)

Residency: London, England
Born: 1976 (yes, a very long time ago...)
Musical Training: Gained Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree 1997; gained MMus in Historical Mus. in 1998, then sold out by studying librarianship for an MA;
Favourite Composers: Bruckner, Elfman, and many others depending on state of psychosis
Favourite Film Composers: Elfman (by a few miles), Herrmann, Williams (love him or hate him, he's written more great scores in the last 30 years than any other composer I know).
Favourite Elfman Film Scores: Dolores Claiborne. Others pale into insignificance. Current view is that his last "classic" score was for Sleepy Hollow, but that Danny is incapable of writing a poor score.

Friends of the Elfman Zone -

These used to include a number of sites (some now nonexistent) that linked to Tim's site. Now it's moved, I'll keep tabs on who has kindly acknowledged its existence. :o)

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