Danny Elfman's short score to Summer School has never received any sort of release. Pascal Knoerr has taken on the arduous task of recording excerpts from the score directly from the film and figuring out the score order. Only about 8 minutes of score can be found within the film, most of it clearly in the style of Elfman's Back to School. Below you'll find RealAudio files of some of the cues that have little or no dialogue. However, dialogue still exists in many of these cues (in French) and some tracks like "Gory Surprise" (A Psycho homage even better than the bike stealing scene in Pee-Wee) contain lots of shrieking. If you have a slow internet connection, some of the samples that are under 10 seconds long may not be worth your time. However, I think everyone should take a listen to "Revising the Test" and "The Kiss + Finale" as these are both stupendous Elfman tracks that have never been heard before and should be released on the next Music For A Darkened Theater." Enjoy!

-Groovy Yak-

Orchestrations: Steve Bartek (who else?)
Music editor: Dan C. Garde
Music Scoring mixer: Joel Moss
Recorded at Record Plant Scoring

1. Happy (title song)
2. Fuel station (0:10)
3. The Zoo (0:38)
4. A New Teacher (0:08)
5. Football game (0:05 + 17 seconds obstructed by sounds)
6. Nostalgia (0:40)
7. Love theme (0:34)
8. Parking (0:06)
9. Discussion #1 (0:11)
10. Gory surprise (0:54)
11. Revising the test (1:17)
12. Shoop Alone (0:14)
13. Wake up + Breakfast + Nightmare (0:15 + 33 sec obstructed by dialogue)
14. Discussion #2 (0:10 )
15. Results (0:20)
16. The Kiss + Finale (0:54 + 21 seconds obstructed by dialogue)

17. Happy (end credits)

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