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Below is a list of all the bad-for-you goodies that Danny Elfman fans resort to finding in order to squeeze out every last drop of film music pleasure from the orange master. Some items are merely promotional albums which are therefore legitimate but should not technically be exchanged commercially; others are ill-gotten session recordings; and finally we have the mean-spirited DVD-rips which appear to have bereft the rest of us of the holy grail isolated score track we expected on all DVDs when they first came out. You only have yourselves to blame! So please note that this website is not to be used as the basis of illegal derring-do and the webmaster is not a vendor! In addition, some of these may simply be one-offs created by the owner.
Beetlejuice - complete - DVD-rip with extra tracks [tracks] [liner]
Black Beauty [see Good Will Hunting]
Dolores Claiborne - complete? - Oscar Promo or Composer's Personal Edition? [tracks] [liner1] [liner2]
Edward Scissorhands - complete - DVD-rip [liner] [tracks]
Family Man - Oscar Promo (2001) [tracks] [liner1] [MFADP feature by Ryan Keveaney]
_________ - complete - DVD-rip
_________ - recording sessions (2 CDs)
Freeway - complete [liner] [tracks]
Forbidden Zone - complete - DVD-rip
The Frighteners - expanded/complete (no titles)
Good Will Hunting - Oscar Promo [EZ feature] [tracks]
_________ + Black Beauty + Scrooged track (also on MFADT1) [tracks]
Hot to Trot - complete - DVD-rip (with fx)
Little Demons + Jimmy Calicut - demos [tracks] (low quality)
Mars Attacks! - complete - DVD-rip [tracks] [liner1] [liner2] (released by bootleggers Red Planet Records)
Meet the Robinsons - actually a legitimate disc offered to members of the production crew: WALT DISNEY RECORDS - Cat # BVPR000452, and advertised as 'complete' [tracks] [liner1] [liner2]
The Nightmare Before Christmas - demos [track note]
_________ - Limited Edition Picture Vinyl set [image]
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure - complete - DVD-rip
Planet of the Apes - recording sessions (2:12'58")
_________ - complete inc source cues etc. (1:35'49") [tracks] [liner1] [liner2] [liner3]
Proof of Life - recording sessions (2 CDs) [tracks] [liner1] [liner2]
Red Dragon - complete - DVD-rip (2 CDs)
_________ - "final mixes" (3 CDs) [tracks] [image1] [image2] [image3] [image4] [image5]
_________ - "final mixes with talking silence edited out) (2 CDs)
Scrooged - complete - (with sfx) [liner] [tracks]
Spider-man - expanded - (2 CDs) [tracks] [liner1] [liner2]
_________ - expanded (40 track), and labelled 'RDAF CD' [tracks] [liner1] [liner2]
Spider-man 2 - complete (2 discs), with music from all composers [tracks] [liner1] [liner2]