[Interview on the Chocolate Carpet]

Female reporter interviewing Danny Elfman
Video originally on About.com
Transcription by Bluntinstrument
Thanks to 9fingeredelf for the link
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INTERVIEWER: So, what is the hardest thing when you're sitting down to tackle a soundtrack? What is it that (you know) just gets you sometimes?
ELFMAN: The hardest thing is finding the tone, figuring out "what is the tone of the movie?", where's the... it's a balancing act (you know), like too far this way, too far that way [hand gestures used].
INTERVIEWER: How do you find it in a movie like this where you have to stick to the source, you have to stick to the book, the tone of the book...
ELFMAN: Very difficult. Very difficult. Well, Tim's movies are always very difficult 'cause his tone of his movies are so strange [sic.], and it's so easy to fall one way or another [hand gestures] (you know).
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