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Source: http://chocolatefactorymovie.warnerbros.com/soundtrack/
The interview is mixed with clips from the movie and songs by the composer. Transcribed by Bluntinstrument
There's nothing I've ever done that's been quite like this. I think there's all kinds of mixed up cultural references in the style and the look of the film and Tim wanted to keep that same thing going with the music like really keeping it off-centre and mixed-up in a way so you wouldn't quite know what to expect.
For the score of Charlie all the themes really work between Willy Wonka and Charlie. The heart of the story is always as it's perceived either through Charlie's eyes and/or from Willy Wonka's perspective, so that's where I focussed thematically - was following them - because it's though them that we're telling the story.
Tim asked me to start doing songs and it was this kindof crazy-fun experimental process. The first song was Augustus Gloop... so I just started doing the song at home and I grabbed a mic and laid on about 50 voices. Having written Augustus Gloop I imagined all the songs would be variations on the same thing, but Tim was like "no-no-no!, we'll make each one completely different so you don't know what's gonna be next". So we talked about what the second song should be like and we wanted it to be a little bit love-fest, hippyish.
Finished that one - third one - what are we going to do. Mike Tee-Vee. It's gotta be like, pumping-pumping-pumping, metal, heavy-guitars, heavy guitars.
And for the last one, now hmmm, where are we going to go?
Constructing those songs was just such a romp. I just kinda went with Tim and had fun!
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