[Christopher Young interview]

undated excerpt
Source: Musicfromthemovies.com quoted by Ryan K on MFADP board
[Q:] You recently wrote additional music for Spider-Man 2. Would you like to tell us how that came about? One of the tracks you wrote for the film had a distinct similarity to one of your all time classics, the ‘Second Sight Séance’ from Hellbound. Honestly, were you asked to write something as close as possible to that cue?
[Young:] You better believe it! They had used the ‘Second Sight Séance’ while editing and there was nothing else that had the same quality. That is what they wanted. But they weren’t able to license the music, so what do they do? They call the guy who composed the piece and ask him to write something similar! And if that is what they want, that’s what you gotta give them. It was really tough. At the scoring stage, the music department was worried about the piece being too close to the original so I actually had to make some minor changes there during the recording of the cue. I had to change the cello part; it was too close to the original. I have to say that I feel sorry for Danny Elfman because the score he did was absolutely fantastic. In the parts I rescored, and there were other composers brought in as well, I guess there was a difference of opinion.
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