Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Danny Elfman

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IGN Music, 2005.06.22
Subtitle: Oingo Boingo madman maintains his ongoing collaboration with Tim Burton
Noted Hollywood composer Danny Elfman, who has maintained a long-standing professional relationship with director Tim Burton, continues his collaborative efforts by supplying the music to the upcoming film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Elfman's score to the film, which will be released by Warner Sunset Records on July 12th, 2005, just three days prior to the film's release, marks the 11th time that he and Burton have worked together.
For the film Elfman not only composed the entire film score, but also wrote the original song "Wonka's Welcome Song" (Elfman wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics with screenwriter John August). Elfman has also wrote the music for four additional songs that feature lyrics based on elements of Roald Dahl's classic book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl. These four songs will be the first time since The Nightmare Before Christmas that Elfman has sung the lyrics to some of his songs.
The four tracks in question will be Oompa-Loompa songs about four of the children who win tickets to tour Willy Wonka's incredible chocolate factory: "Augustus Gloop," "Violet Beauregarde," "Mike Teavee," and "Veruca Salt." set the mood for this visually stylistic film.
"The great part of working with Tim on the music was that he kept throwing me off center by suggesting different styles of music that I wasn't expecting. His ideas have so often led me to places that I wouldn't have thought of, but remain my favorites. In particular on the songs for Charlie Tim and I worked very closely together and the challenge was to give each song for each child their own distinct feel," explains Elfman. ""Augustus Gloop" was inspired by big brassy Bollywood production pieces; "Violet Beauregarde," the gum-chewer, threw back to a retro 70's funk feel; "Mike Teavee," needed something frenetic and hyperactive like he is, the short attention spanvideo game rock kid; and "Veruca Salt" who goes down the garbage chute has lyrics about fish heads."
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