A note from the composer

Forbidden Zone soundtrack CD liner, 1990
When Rick first approached me about doing a musical score for his "no budget" film, Forbidden Zone, I thought sure, fine, it'll be fun. Sixty minutes of original music in a dozen differing styles needed to be created in and around various older, and often uneven, pre-recorded pieces. But when he said that it must all be completed within a two week 'round-the-clock composing, arranging, and recording marathon, I thought he was crazy, but cracy is my middle name. I took on the challenge and enjoyed it immensely.
It was an interesting period for me. "Oingo Boingo" was just leaving its theatrical stage and starting to play as a band. We had a chance to combine the older styles we used to play withsome of the crazier sounds which were to be (as well as a lot of musical pieces which were unlike anything we had ever played, old or new). It was a great chance to stretch out and go nuts.
The Boingo current fans may find this "film music" somewhat foreign to the styles they now associate with us. But nonetheless, it's a piece of historic musical schizophrenia for me. I'm proud of it, and hope you enjoy listening to it.
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