An interview with David Atkins

'IGN FilmForce talks with the writer/director of the new noir thriller Novocaine'
Excerpt from, 2001.11.17
Not an Elfman interview, but this is relevant to any future review:
Another key collaboration in the making of Novocaine was, not surprisingly given Atkins' background, on the music, which was composed by Steve Bartek from basic themes credited to Danny Elfman. "Steve Bartek worked with Danny as his arranger on all the films, and he was also in Oingo Boingo, so they really work hand-in-hand," Atkins explains. "Danny does the big-dollar gigs, but he likes independents. But he's used to getting a big fat paycheck, and this movie was a low-budget independent film. He wanted to be involved in some way, so we worked out a deal where Danny would do the themes. Danny was great, but Steve Bartek was really the unsung hero, because he's a fantastic composer too. He's a very versatile guy in his own right."
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