Elfman To Score Hellboy 2

by Parker Lyons
Source: http://chocolatefactorymovie.warnerbros.com/soundtrack/
The interview is mixed with clips from the movie and songs by the composer. Transcribed by Bluntinstrument
GDT just completed his first day of shooting on Hellboy 2 and already has some big news for us: Danny Elfman will be scoring the Big Red Sequel! Del Toro posted the following on our message boards:
Danny Elfman IS going to score Hellboy II and I feel privileged. I have worked with Marco Beltrami many times and will work with him soon enough but I believe we will have a beautiful score with Elfman, whom I admire greatly (in fact the "Title sequence" music cue had the "Ta-de-dum-ta-de-dum" rythm by explicit request by me in an atempt to make it kind of Elfmanesque) and with whom I share a dark view of the world.
Also, GDT added that there will be around 30 monsters in H2 (compared to 8 in the original), and it will be around a 50-50 CGI to prosthetics ratio.
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