Linguistic semantics as a vehicle for a semantics of music

By Mihailo Antovic
Source: R. Parncutt, A. Kessler & F. Zimmer (eds.) Proceedings of the conference on interdisciplinary musicology (CIM04), Graz/Austria, 2004.04.15-18. (
Antovic: Department of English, University of Niš, Serbia,
Relevant excerpt only:
Consider all film, cartoon and video game industry – Tom and Jerry who play Strauss or Liszt mock-ups, Elmer Fudd who ‘kills the vabit’ to Wagner’s Valkyre, Grieg’s Peer Gynt in Muppet Show, Lawrence of Arabia in a James Bond movie11, James Bond in numerous satirical cartoons, the Terminator theme when a video game character says 'I’ll be back', and the hilarious Simpsons. In this series, the composers Danny Elfman and Alf Clausen masterfully use numerous musical contexts known to the American audience to create stunning satire: from horror themes, over the American anthem, to the Simpsons theme itself, which has built its own denotation in the fifteen years of the series on the air, and has been used to create a meta-satire in more than one episode.
[Described as "memetic evolution"]