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Site Review: Sounds to Bite For

With music obtained from downloads off the now defunct Chris Beck Cameo Committee and from LA's Web and dialogue from Psyche (also the source for Buffy musical mp3s), this is a fun creative attempt to mix the best on-screen drama and soundbites with the more sizeable chunks of music. has had close to 10,000 visitors, and most likely its purple-pink colourscheme has been home to many downloads.

Ingenious montages of snippets from various episodes and characters backed by music from Beck's promotional albums (some of them, like "The body" are inappropriate since Beck didn't score the 5th season). Also the "Musical Interlude", despite being wrongly attributed solely to Beck, contains a delightful succession of snippets from the songs from the 6th season show - the perfect advertisement. Some other music fills the gap pretty well. The only unfortunate part is that the .wav files may sound intermittent and crackly.

A good site, and one of the few to do more than just post up mp3s or review the episodes.

Blunt Instrument
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