Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

Director: Raja Gosnell

Score recorded: 2005.09.30

"Group hug!"

"Need... more... chocolate."

No score soundtrack release

Music clip 1, 0'28" (337Kb) [DVD menu music: slapstick]
Music clip 2, 3'51" (2.65Mb) [End credits music: themes]


Admiral Frank Beardsley (Dennis Quaid) and Helen North (Rene Russo), fomer childhood sweethearts, get back together and marry but now have to deal with their combined family of 18 kids, brought up with very different parenting styles. In order to go their separate ways the two sets of siblings have to work together to split up their parents. A remake of the 1968 film, this plays through like a cross between Cheaper By The Dozen and a St Trinnians film, relying on the cuteness of the children to offset their brattish behaviour. An enjoyable if predictable film, not suitable for parents looking to subdue or escape their children. Spanking should always be an option!


The military tattoo opening titles and main theme presentation pinpoint this score immediately as a regimented well-oiled Chris Beck machine. Above the innitial percussion he adds orchestra with solo trumpet foremost to introduce the Admiral and the main theme - which, now given priority, returns perceptably at key points in different styles as the scene demands: with softer orchestration (ca.0:7'50") and and sweeping (ca.1:16:10) for example. A contemporary guitar/synth underscore is par for the course in covering the children, especially in school surroundings; there is a gentle love/family theme with piano and woodwind solos; finally, a good dose of cheeky slapstick music, all staccatto-theme with scurrying strings. The main ingredients of this score sit perfectly with the film and show a comfortable mastery: not an adverturous score but by no means an empty gesture. Professional in its entertainment and support of onscreen action. A brief CD soundtrack would have been perfectly satisfactory, but the DVD menu music and end credits suite just about cover the bases, which is lucky since a fair porportion of the score on film has to battle with yelling kids and crumbling furniture.


Music supervisor: Spring Aspers
Music by Christophe Beck
Music editors: Todd Bozun, Tanya Noel Hill
Music coordinators: Bronwen Boyan, Rodarick Harden
Conducted by Mike Nowak
Orchestrations by Kevin Kleisch, Adam Blau
Orchestra contracted by Sandy de Crescent
Music preparation: Mark Graham, JoAnn Kane Music Services
Recorded and mixed by Casey Stone
RecordistL Vincent Cirilli

ACTING CREDITS (at least some confirmed as performers)

Reunion singer - Ricky Fanté
Backup singers - Dianne Woods Carter, Donna Taylor
Party Band - Hawk Nelson
Vocals - Jason Dunn
Drums - Aaron Tosti
Bass - Daniel Biro
Guitar - Jonathan Steingard

SONGS (etc.)

"Sound off (Dickworth chant)"
Written by Willie Lee Duckworth, Bernard Lentz
"Express yourself (Mocean worker remix)"
Written by Charles Wright
Performed by Charles Wright, The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Courtesy of Warner Bros.
"Up where we belong"
Written by Will Jennings, Jack Nitzsche, Buffy Sainte-Marie
Written by Jaret Ray Reddick, Butch Walker
Performed by Bowling For Soup
Courtesy of Jive Records
"Right back where we started from"
Written by Vincent Edwards, Pierre Tubbs
Performed by Maxine Nightingale
Courtesy of EMI Records
"It only takes a minute"
Written by Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter
Performed by Tavares
Courtesy of Capitol Records
"Love won't let me wait"
Written by Vinnie Barrett, Bobby Eli
Performed by Ricky Fanté
Produced by Josh Deutsch
"Good day"
Written by Ethan Mentzer, Ben Romans
Performed by The Click Five
Courtesy of Lava Records LLC
"Head up"
Written and performed by Ben Gidsjoy
Courtesy of Sublime Music Ltd.
"Make a noise"
Written by Ali Theodore, Vincent Alfieri
Performed by Mikey Likes It
Courtesy of Deetown Entertainment, Inc.
"When the kids go go go crazy"
Written by Jeff Alexander
Performed by The Groovie Ghoulies
Courtesy of Green Door Recordings Co.
"Jerk it out"
Written by Joakim Ahlund
Performed by Caesars
Courtesy of Astralwerks
"Ballad of the green beret"
Written by Barry Sadler, Robin Moore
Performed by Ssgt. Barry Sadler
Courtesy of The RCA Records Label
"Marine Hymn"
Written by Danny Smith
Performed bThe City Drivey
Courtesy of We The People / Columbia Records
"Pump it"
Written by Will Adams, Stacy Ferguson, Allan Pineda, Nicholas Roubanis, Thomas Van Musser
Performed by Black Eyed Peas
Courtesy of A&M Records
(Contains samples of "Misirlou", performed by Dick Dale and his Deltones)
"Bring 'em out"
Written by Jason Dunn, Daniel Biro, Trevor McNevan
Performed by Hawk Nelson
Courtesy of Tooth and Nail Records
"Things we go through"
Written by Jason Dunn, Daniel Biro, Trevor McNevan
Performed by Hawk Nelson
Courtesy of Tooth and Nail Records
"Slippin' and sliding' (Itaal shur remix)"
Written by Edwin Bocage, Albert Collins, Richard Penniman, James Smith
Performed by Little Richard
Courtesy of Concord Music Group, inc.
"Right back where we started from (Nico remix)"
Written by Vincent Edwards, Pierre Tubbs
Performed by Maxine Nightingale
Courtesy of EMI Records