Film released by Twentieth Century Fox (2004)


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Music clip, 1'01" (1.17Mb) [160kbps]
[excerpt from the 3-minute end credits suite]


A goofy hopeless driver cop (Jimmy Fallon) and super-speedy cabby (Queen Latifah) join forces to foil a quartet of bank-robbing supermodels in this slick (but script-challenged) buddy movie, featuring the ever-popular superstars: the New York skyline, guns and speeding cars.

Chris Beck proves his street cred by mixing the odd dramatic orchestra punch with cool drum beats and R&B funk. A good choice considering the noise of the cars and shouting Latifah, though much of the centre stage (e.g. the opening credits) is left to the big name singers (Beyoncé, Natalie Cole..). However, the soundclip gives a good impression of how CB's score serves as a perfect stylistic match to this, whilst adapting seemlessly to underscore duties.

Webmaster's additional:

Beck's comment on uncredited additional music: "Tim Boland is a songwriter / composer who was brought in on Taxi by the music supervisor to cover a spot or two initially spotted for songs." Boland was employed on Garfield in much the same manner. Note that credited additional music was also contributed by regular Beck orchestrator / score coordinator Andrew Kaiser, including the groovy music you hear over the DVD menu.

Bluntinstrument apologises for not being able to stay awake during the director's commentary long enough to catch a mention of Beck's name.

No further update is planned.

Film music credits

**Opening credits**
Music by Christophe Beck
Music supervisor: Spring Aspers
**End credits**
Music editors: Terry Wilson, Brian Richards
Music consultants: Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere
Score conducted by Pete Anthony
Score orchestrated by Kevin Kliesch
Orchestra contracted by Sandy DeCrescent
Score preparations by Joanne Kane Music Services
Score recorded and mixed by Casey Stone
Additional music by Andrew Kaiser
Digital recordist: Larry Mah
Score recorded at The Newman Stage, Twentieth Century Fox
Recordist: John Rodd
Engineer: Bill Talbot
Music coordinator: Bronwen Boyan
"Crazy in love"
Written by Richard Harrison, Shawn Carter, Beyoncé Knowles and Eugene Record
Performed by Beyoncé
Courtesy of Columbia Records
"Hands up"
Written byWill Adams et al
Performed by Black Eyed Peas
Courtesy of Interscope Records
Written by Alicia Keys, et al
Performed by Alicia Keys
Courtesy of J Records
"Pick up the pieces"
Written by Roger Boll, et al
Performed by Average White Band
Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.
"Wild thing"
Written by Matt Dike, M Young and Anthony Smith
Performed by Tone Loc
Courtesy of Delicious Cinyl
"Fight the power"
Written by Ronald Isley et al
Performed by Isley Brothers
Courtesy of Epic Records
"The Cisco kid"
Written by Sylvester Allen et al
Performed by WAR
Courtesy of Avenue Records / Far Out Productions, Inc
"Hot & wet"
Written by Christopjer Brian Bridges et al
Performed by 112
Courtesy of Def Jam Records
"The way it was"
Written and performed by Daniel May
Courtesy of Marc Ferrari / MasterSource
"Pass the courvoisier (part ii)"
Written by Trevor Smith et al
Performed by Busta Rhymes
Courtesy of J Records
"Battle of Bongo Hill"
Written by Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba
Performed by The Herbaliser
Courtesy of Ninja Tune
"This will be (an everlasting love)"
Written by Charles Jackson and Marvin Jerome yoncy
Performed by Natalie Cole
Courtesy of Capitol Records
"Cherry burn"
Written by Tim Boland, Sam Retzer and Matthew Schoenfeld
Performed by Tim Boland
Courtesy of Echoe Park Music & Sound