Stealing Harvard

Film released by Columbia Pictures

No score soundtrack available
US theatrical release 2002.9.13; Region 1 DVD release 2003.6.24; Region 2 DVD release 2003.9.22

Music clip one, '23" (92Kb) [guitar riff]
Music clip two 1'58" (462Kb) [end credits]


Although no classic (certainly from the critical mauling it had on cinematic release), Bruce McCulloch's light-hearted comedy of errors is worth watching for the way in the final twenty minutes it transforms from an episodic succession of cringeworthy incidents into a laugh-out-loud tight-knit farce, all elements finally jelled. Jason Lee's 'John' is caught between his fiancée and niece's financial needs and resolves to steal the $30k needed to make both happy. In his quest he is unfortunate enough to be helped by his friend 'Duff', (played by Tom Green). Beck accompanies this off-beat film with a suitably off-beat score, reminiscent of but perhaps not as striking as 1998's The Alarmist. Musically this is suitably light-weight fare, but it's certainly worth noting for its pre-Tuxedo Bond bass guitar spoof (see the opening of clip2)

Note semi-regular orchestrator Douglas Romayne Stevens.

Webmaster's additional:

[0:0'00" song]
0:1'26"-2'06" John's voiceover intro at the race course - guitar riff, beat [see clip1]
0:2'48"-3'08" riff returns
0:5'12"-5'31" Beck? heavy metal
0:6'06"-6'47" happy guitar music (for niece)
0:8'27"-8'44" bass-guitar, beat
0:9'40"-9'54" quiet bridging music (synth, accoustic guitar)
0:10'32-11'38" bridging music extended, with a theme poking through, moving to bass guitar/beat music (as we meet Duff)
0:14'49"-14'57" riff bridging
[0:15'37" song]
0:16'11"-16'55" accoustic guitar, moving to guitar/bass/drum upbeat music
0:17'33"-19'10" Duff's first plan (robbery) - sneaky music (bass guitar, percussion, swelling string/synth chords)--at 18'13" with Bond-like bass guitar music
0:19'43"-19'56" Prep for plan1 (bass guitar-heavy)
0:20'35"-22'21" Plan1: the robbery. Bass guitar-led music (again from 18'13") with accoustic guitar accomp, leads to jaunty bass guitar theme (20'57") used in end title music, interrupted periodically during pauses in action
[0:22'45" - cheesey song 'Reunited']
[0:24'35" - rap/d&b song]
[0:26'24" - background cheesey music for workplace]
0:27'30"-28'33" sparse percussion and bass guitar underscoring awkward moment with father-in-law-to-be
[0:31'07" - heavey metal song]
[0:31'44" - another pop song]
[0:32'22" - another pop song]
[0:34'20" - Spraying gun and prep for Plan2. Song]
0:35'50"-37'24" Plan2. Percussion, with some bass guitar work entering as the tables are turned, synths entering as they escape
0:38'12"-38'23" - Cop questions boy after Plan2. Bass guitar
[0:39'11" - Britney Spears song]
[0:41'11" - song]
0:42'58" - Wife-to-be goofs up her business; phones her dad. Subtle synth undercurrent
[0:43'49" - heavy metal song]
0:47'05"-47-23" Father traces John's footsteps through Plan1. Cool bass guitar (with synths) (a variation of 18'13") returns again
[0:47'31" - 'Reunited' song]
0:48'26"-48'38" Father finds John's photo with Plan1's victim. Swelling synth/string chords over synth percussion
0:50'17"-51'06" Plan3: the bank: foiled getaway. Bass guitar-led cue, with synth and percussion.
0:52'48"-53'04" Police station after Plan3. Short cue. Again, bass guitar, synth.
0:54'34"-55'58" John returns home to spill the beans to Elaine. Quiet synths
0:56'15"-57'52" They make up. Quiet synth, guitars. Plan4: robbing dad: At 56'57" a held string note segues into bass guitar/percussion led faster pace
[0:57'52" song]
[0:59'33" S.W.A.T. theme - see credits below] Prep for Plan4
1:00'55"-04'41" Plan4. Bass guitar-led music based on 19'43", now at its funkiest. Various pauses. Beck adds various synths, percussion, electric guitar, etc. after each pause
1:04'53"-05'44" Bass guitar/synth/percussion kept lowkey
[1:06'29"-07'51" More 'metal'-heavy music finally launches into full-blown electric guitars and drum song as John, Duff and Elaine run from the cop]
1:09'04"-11'14" The trial. Beautifully over-the-top 70's-sounding electric guitar-and-strings arrangement of 'Reunited' as the judge turns out to be Plan1's 'victim'. at 1:09'50 subtler underscore (percussion-led) allows the judge to speak and dismiss the case. Accoustic guitar theme aids a cut to the top of John's house as Duff arrives to make up
1:11'14"-13'33" John's voiceover from 1'26" returns (we're back at the race course) emphasised by the same riff. Extended cue includes synth brass/strings to include the race; and then for the wedding (accoustic and country guitars)
[1:13'09" end title song from the same band as the opening]
1:14'53"-end Beck's music reprises themes from the film, using the 18'13" bass guitar motif, and moving on to the jaunty guitar theme from 20'57" (at 1:15'09"). The music ends oddly on a heart-beat-like pulse beneath a held dying string note [see clip2]

Full music credits

Score producer - Christophe Beck
Music editor - Adrian van Velsen
Recorder and mixer - Casey Stone
Orchestrator and recorder - Douglas Stevens
"My way"
Written and performed by Butch Walter
Couresty of Arista Records Inc. (BMG)
"Everything you want"
Written by Brooke Ramel, Johnny Pierce
Performed by Brooke Ramel
Couresty of Kid Gloves Music
"Giddy up"
Written and performed by Craig Northey
Couresty of Superpest
"Long on love"
Written by Marc Ferrari, Tommy Thayer, Michael Mulholland
Performed by Medicine Wheel
Couresty of MasterSource
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Couresty of Polydor Records (Universal = UME)
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Written by Alejandro Martinez, David Lewis Keimo Thomas, Ivan Scott Martin
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"(I'm gonna) split this room in half"
Written by Mike Bradford, Matt Shafer
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