Bring It On

Film released by Universal Pictures and Beacon Pictures (2000)

Film released by Fox Searchlight / Premiere Marketing and Distribution Group, 2000

No score soundtrack available

Music clip, 0'20" (326Kb) "The beef song" excerpt


Chris Beck was originally engaged to score the music for this film, but when the director was fired 8 days into the project, a "new direction" necessitated a new composer, and so David Michal Frank was drafted to the job, leaving the only Beck credit remaining for the "Beef Song".

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A full feature of Frank's score is available here.

Film music credits

Music score orchestrated and conducted by David Michael Frank
Score recorded and mixed by Rick Ruggieri
Music preparation by Jay Asher
Orchestra manager, Joe soldo
Composer's assistant, Bernard "Leon" washington
Featured musicians:
Accordion - Nick Perito
Violin - Sid Page
Cello - Larry Corbett
Bass - Ken Wild
Guitar - George Doering
Percussion - Ron Aston
Keyboards - David Michael Frank
"Everybody wants to be like you"
Written by Darrin O'Brien et al
Published by Greener Snow Music
Performed by Snow
Courtesy of EMI Music, Canada
"The beef song"
Written by Christophe Beck
Performed by Elin Carlson
"I'm gonna fly"
Written by Anthony Mazza et al
Published by WB Music Corp et al
Performed by Plaid Lily
"Walkin' the country"
Written by Keith Urban and Vernon Rust
Published by Coburn Music, Inc and IRS Music
Performed by Keith Urban
Courtesy of Ten Ten Music
"Back where I belong"
Written by Sherrié Austin et al
Published by Reynsong Publishing Corp et al
Performed by Sherrié Austin
Courtesy of WE Records
"American psycho"
Written by Treble Charger
Published by Treble Charger
Performed by Treble Charger
Courtesy of Nettwerk Productions
"Bust a move" Marching band
Arranged and conducted by Paul Frederick
"Right now"
Written by Mitchell Allan Scherr and Butch Walker
Published by EMI April Music et al
Performed by SR71
Courtesy of The RCA Records Label
"Closer to perfect"
Written by Charity Chapman
Published by Clayman Publishing
Performed by Charity Chapman
"On the level"
Written by Matt McCartie et al
Published by National Trust
Performed by National
Courtesy of National Headquarters
Written by Matt Franka and Matt Maltese
No publisher listed
Performed by Low Profile SC
Courtesy of Advanced Records
"Here with me"
Written by Tiffany Arbunckle et al
Published by Designer Music et al
Performed by Plumb
Courtesy of Essential Records
"I'm mad"
Written by Dave Dederer
Published by Dave Dederer
Performed by The Presidents of the United States of America
Courtesy of Music Blitz Records
"Bust a move"
Written by M. Dike, M. Ross and M. Young
Published by EX VW Music et al
Performed by YoungMC
Courtesy of Delicious Vinyl Records
"All night long"
Written by Cricket Taylor et al
No publisher details
Published by Cricket Taylor
Written by Lisa Harlow Stark
Published by Mirror'd Sky Music
Performed by Lisa Harlow Stark
Courtesy of Mirror'd Sky Music
"French bitch"
Written by Mark Cliser
Published by Shhwoman Music
Performed by Pussy Tourette
Courtesy of Feather Boa Music
"Bust a move" End credits
Performed by Bob Durham