Skulls II

Film released by Universal Studios, 2001

No score soundtrack available

Music clip one, 1'52" (441Kb) [opening]
Music clip two, 1'51" (433Kb) [escape]
Music clip three, 36" (142Kb) [final insult]


In the sequel to The Skulls, new character Ryan Sommers, after joining the Skulls, witnesses a what he believes to be a murder committed by a fellow, and subsequently finds his life manipulated out of his control. The opening titles and escape from Coroner's office are highlights music-wise, but nothing can escape the impression that much of what is here had been done with more flair in season 4 of Buffy—perhaps because this film, as with the first, never quite catches the imagination in the way that the superior television series can. Plotting is clunky and reminiscent of the first film, acting reasonable but hampered by a minimal and bland script. Some of the samples Beck uses are also very reminiscent to the hardened fan of Buffy, and the score is further suppressed, as others in "campus" films, by the insistence of melancholy, slightly grungy soft rock songs. This is definitely a genre that Beck needs to escape from in order to allow his music more space to breathe, preferrably with some live instrumental performances, but there is no denying that the underscore is both thematically efficient and atmospherically consistent.

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Full music credits

Music supervisors - Michelle Kuznetsky, Mary Ramos
Music co-ordinator - Keri Ports
"Not alone"
Written by Gina Rene, Gabriel Rene, Andy Calwell, Mei-Iwan Yee
Performed by Soulstice
Courtesy of OM Records
"Don't stop"
Written by Jonathan Mead
Performed by Radford
Courtesy of RCA Records Label
(A unit of BMG Entertainment)
"Round and round"
Written by Alexander Cantral 1, Alexander Selover, Bob Math
Performer not noted
Courtesy of Dreamworks / SKG Music, Sandblaster Music
"Everyday down"
Written by Joan Jones
Performed by Joan Jones
Courtesy of Done Songs
"Here we go"
Written by Murray Yates, Will C
Performed by Templar
Courtesy of EMI Music Canada, Templar Music
"Lie to me"
Written by Dave Bassett
Performer not noted
Courtesy of Dreamworks / SKG Music
"Gaye's waltz"
Written by Brad Hatfield
Performed by Brad Hatfield Trio
Courtesy of Barbara Jordan / Heavy Hitters
"The world is mine"
Written by Jason Cooper
Performed by Wett
Courtesy of BYO Records
"Get away (Zoom zoom)"
Written by Brian Tyler
Performed by Brian Tyler
Courtesy of Song / ATV Songs, Tippecanoe Music
"Come along"
Written by Dave Bassett
Performer not noted
Courtesy of Dreamworks / SKG Music
"Washed away"
Written by The Tender Idols
Performed by The Tender Idols
Courtesy of E-magine Entertainment