License to Wed (2007)

Director: Ken Kwapis

"Let's get the flock outa here."

No score soundtrack released. Just pop.

Clip: End credits suite (3.10Mb)
Clip: Making up, ca.1'18'00" (with dialogue: spoilers verging on summarising the whole plot) (900Kb)


A Just Married clone, swapping locations, slapstick and an engaging couple for Robin Williams and co. Barring the occasional giggle, there isn't too much to recommend barring its bland, inoffensive style and a predictably schmaltzy ending that will satisfy those who like that sort of thing. It's to be criticised for its lack of innovation beyond the farfetched set-up of a clergyman and his pushy kid companion vetting (or perhaps coaching) a prospective couple before they tie the knot. Whether you consider this about-time-too or plain creepy depends on your social background and expectations. The rest is identikit plotting gluing together a hit and miss collection of marital situations "with hilarious consequences". Nicely made, mostly harmless, but unambitious and predicatable.


Beck's score is surprisingly invisible, subtly touching and cheeky where required, but somewhat less striking than his score for Just Married, possibly because of the lack of more outrageous slapstick. He does, however, have fun with a Swingle Singers-jazz style cue that really belongs to a more artfully directed movie. And although the mushy music could have fitted any one of Beck's romantic-comedy projects, it still manages to give that warm glow.

Verdict: Passable film, passable score; both have the occasional glint.

Degrees of Beck:

Just Married without the genuinely funny build-up of fireworks. Co-stars Mandy Moore, who played a very different character in Saved!

Full music credits

Additional music by Adam Blau
Score recorded and mixed by Casey Stone
Orchestra conducted by Nick Glennie-Smith
Orchestrations by Kevin Kliesch


"Ever present past"
Written and performed by Paul McCartney
Courtesy of Hear Music
"Oh happy day"
Traditional, arranged by David O
Performed by Grant Gershon and members of Los Angeles Master Chorale
"If u stay ready"
Written by Dajuan Walker, Robert Bacon Jr., David Blake, George Archie Jr., Wilbert Milo
Performed by Suga Free
Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group
"You're late"
Written by David O, Dan Fogelman, Vince Di meglio, Tim Rasmussen
Performed by Grant Gershon and members of the Los Angeles Master Chorale
"Groove is in the heart"
Written by D'mitry Brill, Dong-Hwa Chung, Komaal Ibn Fareed, Herbie Hancock, Kier Kirby
Performed by Deee-Lite
Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group
Written by MC Hammer and Prince Rogers Nelson
"Dash's song"
Written by Brett Rolen
Performed by El Centro
Courtesy of Long Live Crime Records / MS-Pro
"Let me take you far away"
Written by Jon Merkin, Eliad Shapiro, Andrew McNellis, Jeremy Stein
Performed by The Shake
Courtesy of LoveCat Music
"Devil take my soul"
Written by Benjamin Darvill, Tim Gordine
Performed by Son Of Dave, featuring Martina Topley Bird
Courtesy of Kartel Ltd.
"Dora the explorer theme"
Written by Josh Sitron, Billy Straus, Sarah Durkee
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"Won't you join me for a drink?"
Written by N. Hollywood
Performed by Lemon
Courtesy of Freshly Squeezed Music
"It must be love"
Written by Labi Siffre
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"Stop in the name of love"
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"Every time"
Written by Mindi Abair, Matthew Hager
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"New shoes"
Written by Matty Benbrook, Jim Duguid, Paolo Nutini
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"Everybody ona move"
Written by Michael Franti, David Shul, Carl Rogers Young
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"Oh happy day"
Arranged by Edwin Hawkins
Performed by Carol Dexter, Latoya Hall, Claudine Hyatt, Dwight Richards, Christopher Smith