Just Married

Film released by 20th Century Fox

No score soundtrack available

Music clip 1, 1'05" (1.25Mb) ['marimba love theme']
Music clip 2, 0'34" (271Kb) [chaotic music, taken here from DVD menu]

"There will always be this big fat elephant in the room with us."


For what is essentially a post-American Pie teen comedy taken one step further, Shawn Levy's Just Married is quite a smoothe ride, balancing comedy with romance in a way that just tips it to the female audience without imasculating the men. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy play Tom and Sarah Leezak, trying to keep their marriage together through the unlikely trials of honeymoon amidst a background of in-law pressure.

Chris Beck's by-now effortless economy with romantic comedy scores is executed with customary applomb, and oddly enough for a film like this, he has relatively few pop songs to work round. Indeed, more of the film is played without music than one would expect. However, Beck's score is allowed plenty of places to shine, and he works up the drammatic pressure by pinning together contrasting themes to underline the main characters' moods: a mischievious bouncy cue for any kind of sexual shenanigans [e.g. 17'19" nookie in the parents' house, 49'05" at the grotty pensione]; a variant style growing from it with Italian/flamenco flavours which becomes ever-more flamboyant [e.g. 1:07'27", 1:11'18" chaos, 1:14'58" hotel chase]; and a remarkably beautiful love theme [23:15" at the wedding; 27'15" version initially for piano; 1:18'29" despirited version after the honeymoon; 1:20'58" glimmer of light 'time to grow up'; tentative 1:23'03" the speech; 1:24'50" chirpy marimba-led version re-appears for reunion]. Both are subject to some appropriate variation according to the situation.

Webmaster's additional:

The DVD director/actor commentary mentions Beck during the wedding scene, complementing him on his 'marimba love theme'. Levy's following words are: "It's just magical. Chris Beck, my composer—just phenomenally talented." The "my composer" might sound overly posessive, but Levy shows signs in his cast/crew recruitment of retaining people who he identifies with most. This is something Beck does with his own team (principal orchestrator, conductor, etc.). Beck scored his first film Big fat liar, and is set to do the same for Pink Panther.

Since the wedding theme is in such demand, Bluntinstrument has made a simple piano arrangement of clip1. Of itself it may not be perfect for performance, but it should be a good start for anyone considering an arrangement of their own.
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For anyone who likes the love theme (and from your e-mails, I see a few of you do), though there is no soundtrack release of Beck's music, a version of this theme sounding similar to that used during the wedding ceremony is used at the very end of the end credits sequence (ca.1:29'37"), without the annoyances of dialogue or sound effects.

Film music credits
**End Credits**
Conductor: Pete Anthony
Orchestrator: Kevin Kliesch
Score recorded and mixed by Casey Stone
Score recorded at The Newman Stage, Twentieth Century Fox
Recordist: John Rodd / Engineer: Bill Talbot
"Do your think"
Written by Richard Mitchell et al
Performed by Basement Jaxx
Courtesy of XL Recordings / Astralworks Records
"Save me"
Written by August Cinjun Tate et al
Performed by Remy Zero
Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group
"For my own good"
Written by Alex Dezen
Performed by The Damnwells
"Here with me"
Written by Thad Beaty et al
Performed by Plumb
Courtesy of Essential Records
"Wedding march"
Written by Felix Mendelssohn
"Positive organ"
Written by Richard Johnson and Steve Cain
Performed by [n/a]
Courtesy of Opus 1 Music
"Bridal chorus from Lohengrin"
Written by Richard Wagner
"Star Wars (Main theme)"
Written by John Williams
"Skaters' waltz yodel"
Traditional; adapted and arranged by Mary and Rita Schneider
Performed by Mary Schneider
Courtesy of Kid Gloves Music
Written by Matt Bronleewe, Gary Sadler and Sarah Sadler
Performed by Sarah Sadler
Courtesy of Essential Records
"Concerto in C major for 2 mandolines, strings and b.c."
Written by Antonio Vivaldi
Courtesy of Promusic, Inc.
"The chase"
Written and performed by Kane [sic]
Courtesy of Craig Eastman and KANE
Written by Avril Lavigne and Clif Magness
Performed by Avril Lavigne
Courtesy of Arista Records, Inc.
"What is love"
Written by Dee Dee Halligan and Junior Torello
Performed by Haddaway
Courtesy of BMG Ariola Munchen GmbH / Arista Records, Inc.
"You set me free"
Written by Michelle Branch and John M Shanks
Performed by Michelle Branch
Courtesy of Maverick Recording Company
Bluntinstrument note: Branch also performed (as herself) in the Buffy season 6 episode "Tabula Rasa" [6.08]
"Twilight Zone"
Written by Constant Marius
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