Hostile Intent

Film released on video by Cabin Fever Entertainment (1997)

[No insightful quotation or humorous comment discovered, but Bluntinstrument laughed at how an anti-officialdom film has FBI copyright threats stamped all over the VHS]

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Music clip one, 2'29" (1.14Mb) [64kbps]
[from the end credits]


Nothing like a little pre-millenium internet paranoia and anti-US-government-pro-right gun toting hi-jinx in the woods to keep an audience happy? The view no doubt of director Jonathan Heap in this hugely unlikely game of cat and mouse, using a forest location, a few anonymous office sets and a helicopter sweep to keep the budget down. This Rob Lowe starrer isn't as bad as most films that come with these identikit titles, and the acting is kocha if not Oscar.

Unfortunately the money saved wasn't spent on the score, and Chris Beck's response is a simple-and-safe gloomy melody (first played by oboe) over piano figure (vaguely reminiscent of a 70's horror flick) contrasted with military percussion and stanch brass (Beck honed this style to better affect the following year with Airborne). The result is far from individual, particularly when the midway action might have begged for something to inspire more empathy for characters dropping like flies - but the solemn 'hunted' tension is maintained throughout. One indicator of lack of time (or interest?) on Beck's part might be the employment of Ken Greer as credited additional composer. Certainly the opening and closing credits form the highlight of the score.

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Film music credits

**Opening credits**
Music composer Christophe Beck
**End credits**
Additional music by Ken Greer
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