Film released by Miramax

Soundtrack CD by RCA Victor: 09026-63545-2

Music clip 1, (from Track 1) 0'37" (38Kb)
Music clip 2, (from Track 15) 0'41" (42Kb)

Beck music on CD totals 18'53"
(For track listing, see below)


With a main theme reminiscent of Danny Elfman's for Good Will Hunting (1997), Beck's Guinevere is an emersive dreamlike soundworld full of smoothe hypnotic electronic pulses and a wordless female vocal line sung touchingly by Sarah Polley. Although the 5 tracks to be found on disc do not represent much to contrast with this impression, this is largely because in the film it fills only the narrow underscore void beneath a medley of jazz and blues, most notably the unmistakable style of Thelonious Monk. Elfman definitely had the better deal, but at least here for the first time Beck get's some of the limelight and a welcome build-up from the director in the liner notes to the CD: I remember I told Barklie that he was going to have to find me 'the most brilliant film composer on the planet that nobody knows about yet.'

Webmaster's note: This was the first commercial release of Beck's music. It represents poor value for money for those interested in Beck's music (only approximately1/3 of the CD), and one can think of other projects more deserving of a score CD, but this is certainly a start, and one not to be discarded quickly. A fuller review of the music will follow when the film has been seen, and this should include comment on a promotional disc.


01. Guinevere main title 3'04"
02. Jungle Blues - Marcus Roberts
03. Endless - James Leary
04. Joy Spring - Gary Burton Trio
05. Goodbye sadness (Tristeza) - Astrud Gilberto
06. Ruby, my dear - Thelonious Monk
07. No te olividare - Trio Jerez
08. Coquette - John Pizzarelli
09. In walked bud - Marcus Roberts
10. Djangology - Django Reinhardt
11. Pannonica - Marcus Roberts
12. Queen Guinevere 2'56"
13. Arithmetic 4'01"
14. Tunnel vision 4'48"
15. End titles 4'04"