Film released by 20th Century Fox, 2004

Score soundtrack: see Garfield 2

Music clip one, 0'30" (236Kb) [The city, from ca.0:44'38"]
Music clip two, 0'31" (250Kb) [Crossing the street, from ca.0:47'34"]
Music clip three, 0'36" (283Kb) [The chase, from ca.1:04'18"]



In Peter Hewitt's fun but unsurprising belated CGI/live-action combo comic strip adaptation, fat, lazy Garfield the cat (voiced by a perfectly cast Bill Murray) is first challenged to rid himself of Oddie the dog, competitor for owner Jon's affections, and later feels obligated to rescue the pooch from the clutches of a self-centred television has-been.

Beck's is a skittish but friendly score that follows the well-loved modern Hollywood slapstick formula of slightly watered-down Carl Stalling Mickey-mousing, mixed with good-natured big orchestra fireworks. Other composers who successfully adapted to this style include Alan Silvestri (Who framed Roger Rabbit), Marc Shaiman (Addams Family) and Danny Elfman (The Simpsons theme). Beck adds to this some of the warmth showcased in Under the Tuscan sun, perhaps leaning over towards the slightly sappy at times (shimmering strings, clarinet, tambourine, etc.). While the film itself is subject to the usual raft of summer movie pop cash-ins (which dominate both the opening and the closing credits), Beck's score really was deserving of some form of a commercial release, and the sound clips presented here cannot do it justice.

CD: see Garfield 2

Webmaster's note: Perhaps a fuller feature will be made when the DVD is available to Bluntinstrument, since there are some clearly definable themes here lurking in the underscore below Murray's master class voiceover.

NB. Rupert Gregson-Williams was originally engaged to score this film.
NB. For a laugh, visit the Garfield Sucks webpage
NB. According to CB, Tim Boland was brought in by the music supervisor to cover for some music items initially spotted for songs. The same situation occurred later in Taxi
N.B. Also please note from the details below that orchestrator Andrew Kaiser is credited for 'songs': Naranja, Kibbly Kat theme, Patty's theme

Full music credits

Opening credits
Music supervisor - Spring Aspers
Music by Christophe Beck
Closing credits
Music editor - Terry Wilson
Score conducted by Mike Novak
Score orchestrated by Kevin Kilesch and Andrew Kaiser
Synthsizer arrangements by Thomas Bergerson
Orchestra contracted by Sandy DeCrescent
Score preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Services
Score recorded and mixed by Casey Stone
Digital recordist - Larry Mah
Score recorded at The Newman Stage, Twentieth Century Fox
Recordist - John Rodd
Engineer - Bill Talbott
Stage managers - Tom Steel and Jason Lloyd
Score mixed at O'Henry Recording Studios
Assistant engineer - Adam Olmstead
Written by Shaunna Bolton et al
Performed by Baha Men
Courtesy of S-Curve
"9 to 5"
Written by Dolly Parton
"Call me Super Dad"
Written by James Brown
Written by Andrew Kaiser
"I got you (I feel good)"
Written and performed by James Brown
"Kibbly Kat theme"
Written by Andrew Kaiser
"Hey mama"
Written by Will Adams and Anthony Henry
Performed by Black Eyed Peas
Courtesy of A & M Records
"New York state of mind"
Written by Billy Joel
Additional lyrics by Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow
"I'll be"
Written by Omerit Hield et al
Performed by O S Xperience
Courtesy of S-Curve Records
"Yakety yak"
Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
"Patty's theme"
Written by Andrew Kaiser
"I feel free"
Written by Euel Box
Courtesy of Mulberry Square Productions, Inc.
"The Lassie theme"
Written by Les Baxter
Courtesy of Classic Media, Inc.
"Baked beans"
Written by Tim Boland, Matthew Schoenfeld and Sam Retzer
Performed by Tim Boland
Courtesy of Park Music & Sound
"Far from home: the adventures of Yellow Dog"
Courtesy of John Scott
"Battle hymn of the Republic"
"Swing low sweet chariot"
"Hang 12"
Written by Ali Theodore, Vincent Alfieri and Zach Danziger
Performed by Boomish
Courtesy of Format
"An affair to remember (End title)"
Lyrics by Harold Adamson and Leo McCarey
Music by Harry Warren