Dog Park

Film released by New Line Cinema and Independent Picture (1998)

"Will you crack my neck?"

No score soundtrack available.

Music clip, 0'22" (176Kb) [ca.1:23'00"]


Without any real baddies, just a variety of flawed characters trying to find their match, Dog Park is a predictable but cosy romantic comedy revolving round a group of dog owners and their friends. Luke Wilson wears his love-sick-loser badge with pride and Natasha Henstridge proves again that she is (a little) more than a woman-with-breasts, but it is the more wild and wacky characters that provide the film with its warmth and the odd giggle.

Coming at a very busy time in Beck's career, juggling a number of low-budget film committments with high-profile television shows, there isn't too much here that's memorable, although he sets a neat musical pattern, using 1. a solo string line (played at varying pitches, so may be different string instruments, or possibly just a gifted viola player) which perhaps represents the emotional core of the film, 2. organ/guitar soppy love music underscore, 3. a more 'forward' pop-styled drum/guitar style to move the scenes along. It's worth noting here that additional music was provided by Craig Northey (at a guess, Bluntinstrument would say this was mainly "3."), and that some of the film's biggest opportunities for the composer to shine (the opening titles, for example) are lost to songs, as is usual for such films.

Webmaster's additional:

Very rough cue notes from the DVD. Timing taken from the first doggie panting at the beginning of the film. Bluntinstrument cannot determine whether the music used for the DVD menu is by Beck or not. If anyone can identify it, do e-mail.

[Opening music is the song "Things that I used to do"]
4'43" - Possibly score. Nice. Solo strings, bass, drums, some synths.
11'35" - Sappy underscore, acoustic-guitar-led (two stars start chatting properly)
14'47" - 'Puking bar snacks.' Acoustic guitar/solo string (cello?)-led theme
15'27" - Dog training. Organ, band. Presumably Beck.
50'44" - Her name is Lorna. Underscore (bits of percussion, synth-organ/guitar, etc. Obvious even by this stage that the organ/guitar is love-music). The end of the scene reprises the solo-string theme
56'02" - Doggie crack cocaine. Poppish. Not Beck?
59'35" - I don't like being alone / The affair. Organ, moving out into drums/percussion/electric guitar link, and back to organ. Picks up again with answerphone message, and broadens out to louder electric guitar. And then again back to organ for a phone conversation.
1:01'48" - Andy calls for a squash game. Underscore only (guitar). Brief
1:12'59" - The Ex's argue. Underscore (guitar). Brief
1:16'16" - 'It's her. Lorna!' The beautiful-but-brief solo string theme (viola?) over a guitar accompaniment here. A more poppish sound builds up for the opening of the doggie grad ceremony.
[Presumably the synth grad ceremony diagetic music is not Beck]
1:19'20" - The Boxers point out the other woman. Acoustic guitar underscore with build-up of percussion and electric guitar, rock style.
1:21'20" - The truth is out. Clarinet melody (a development of the viola love theme) over acoustic guitar
1:22'37" - 'I kept one of the roses.' Acoustic guitar underscore builds to the love theme. Cello or viola.
[The reunion/happy ending is done to the song "Stranded"]
[End credits over more score]

Film music credits

**Opening credits**
Music by Christophe Beck
Additional music by Craig Northey
Executive music producer - Alex Steyermark
Music supervisor - Linda Cohen
*End credits*
Score produced by Christophe Beck
Music editorial services provided by Lowdown Music
Supervising music editor - Fernand Bos M.P.S.E
Music scoring mixer - Casey Stone
Music recorded at Sound Chamber Recorders
Additional music score performed by Craig Northey, Doug Elliot and Pat Steward
(All courtesy of Warner Music Canada)
Additional music consultation - Doug Elliot and Pat Steward
Additional music score recorded at Greenhouse Studios
Exotic instruments courtesy of Keith Scott
Additional score mixed at Digital Music & Post
Mixer - Mike Jones
"The things that I used to do"
Written by Garrett Dutton, James H Prescott and Jeffrey Clemens
Performed by G Love and Special Sauce
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
"The greatest high"
Written by Andy Bell
Performed by Hurricane #1
Courtesy of Creative Records et al
"Burning flies"
Written by Stuart David and Ronnie Black
Performed by Looper
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records
Written by Tiffany Arbuncle and Matt Bronleewe
Performed by Plumb
Courtesy of Essential Records
"We are the supercool"
Written by Richard McNevin-Duff
Performed by Space Monkeys
Courtesy of Chignon / Interscope Records
"Keep a lid on things"
Written by Brad Roberts and Greg Wells
Performed by Crash Test Dummies
Courtesy of BMG Canada Music Inc. / Arista Records Inc.
"He stopped loving her today"
Written by Robert Braddock and Claude Putman JR
Performed by George Jones
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
"This is to mother you"
Written by Sinead O'Connor
Performed by Sinead O'Connor
Courtesy of Promostraat B.V.
Written by Jon Levine and Gerard Eaton
Performed by The Philosopher Kings
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
"Nothing you can say"
Written by Holly Golightly et al
Performed by Avenue A
Courtesy of R & S Records
"The only one I know"
Written by Martin Blunt et al
Performed by The Charlatans
Courtesy of Beggars Banquet Records Ltd
"Unity of love"
Written by Kate Holmes
Performed by Technique
Courtesy of Creation Records / SINE
"Corncob pipe"
Written by BTK
Performed by BTK
Courtesy of Ignition Records
"100 bucks"
Written by James Fintan McConnel (SOCAN)
Performed by The Mahones
Courtesy of Everything Must Go Music
"Bounce with the massive"
Written by Moussa Clarke et al
Performed by Tzant
Courtesy of Logic Records
"If drinking don't kill me (her memory will)"
Written by Harlan Sanders and Richard Beresford
Performed by George Jones
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
"The only one I know"
Written by Martin Blunt et al
Performed by The Charlatans
Courtesy of Beggars Banquet Records Ltd
"Average Joe"
Written by Ron Sexsmith
Performed by Ron Sexsmith
Courtesy of Interscope
"Giving in to life"
Written by Hub Moore et al
Performed by Football Wedding
Courtesy of Fireproof Recording